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Renwick Underfloor Heating

Renwick Underfloor HeatingRenwick Underfloor HeatingRenwick Underfloor Heating
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  • This electric underfloor heating is ideal for use in unusual building shapes such as the pentagonal Renwick, for it is easy to shape, lay and does not take up any extra internal space
  • Electric underfloor heating is a popular, versatile and energy efficient form of heating that is easy to control via the use of an easy-to-use digital wall mounted thermostat
  • It consists of wide closely packed strips that are attached to the thermostat, and placed on top of the log cabin floor and covered with carpet or laminate flooring (not included)
  • A Part P electrician is needed to help install this heating, in order to safely connect it to the thermostat
  • Please note - installation of this product option is not included when you order the log cabin installation service
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With its unusual pentagonal shape you might think that it would be hard to find adequate heating for the Renwick cabin, particularly with regards to maintaining space. However, with our electric underfloor heating you need not worry!

Consisting of wide closely packed strips, this form of heating is energy efficient and versatile. Unlike a standalone heater or radiator, underfloor heating is not centralised and is instead spread across the entire cabin floor. This also means heat will not be lost as easily through windows and doors.

It is installed by simply laying the strips upon the cabin floor, covering them with carpet or laminate flooring (not included) and attaching it to an easy-to-manage digital wall thermostat.

The installation of this product has to be included in the construction, with the help of Part P qualified electrician, who will connect it to the thermostat.

This electric underfloor heating is particularly effective when combined with thick wall cladding and shingle roof, for increased insulation.
Product Code: BSD447
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