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SolarHub16 - LED Strip

SolarHub16 - LED StripSolarHub16 - LED StripSolarHub16 - LED StripSolarHub16 - LED Strip
Delivery 3 - 7 Working Days2 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Incredibly clever outdoor lighting solution for garden buildings
  • New to the market this year, proving a great seller!
  • Uses Solar energy to create up to 6 hours lighting daily
  • Super easy to assemble taking only 10 minutes
  • Brackets supplied which allow you to fit the solar hub to roof
  • Long length wires mean no hassle when positioning
  • 2000maH power battery with multiple power outputs
  • 2 year warranty from manufacturer for value
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LED 3000 Lumen Light Strip
LED 3000 Lumen Light Strip
LED 3000 Lumen Light Strip
  • Additional or replacement Solar LED Light Strip
  • Fits to any SolarHub solar outdoor building kit
  • Allows you to increase the light output overall in the workspace
  • Easy to fit and install with simple instructions
  • Requires a separate 2.5m interconnecting cable to power
  • 2 year standard warranty
LED 3000 Lumen Bulb
LED 3000 Lumen Bulb
LED 3000 Lumen Bulb
  • 2 year warranty
  • Powerful 300 Lumen Solar Light Bulb
  • Replacement bulb
  • Iincreased amount of light
  • Requires an additional 2.5m Cable for connection
  • Hassle free installation
LED Expandable Bulb Holder
LED Expandable Bulb Holder
LED Expandable Bulb Holder
  • Two year warranty
  • Standard E27 Light fitting
  • Easy to install and in place instantly
  • Handy rings that allow you to add a lampshade
  • LED Solarlight socket allows you to fit your Solar LED lights
Metal Wall Bracket for all SolarHub
Metal Wall Bracket for all SolarHub's
Metal Wall Bracket for all SolarHub's
  • Handy Solar Light wall bracket keeping the solar hub in place
  • Made from high quality rust proof metal
  • Easy to fit, requires no complex tools
  • Supports all size Solar Hubs
  • We recommend adding one to your kit

Completely new to the market this year is this revolutionary lighting solution for all outside buildings. The powerful SolarHub LED Solar light kit is a clever system designed to provide lighting in places that do not have mains power.

The SolarHub LED Solar light kit is a fantastic kit which eliminates all the hassle of adding electricity to a shed or workshop. Instead of the costly process of installing mains electricity and lighting, purchase one of these solar kits for simple fitting and long term value.

The SolarHub LED Solar light kit uses a large solar panel which fits to the roof or outside wall of your garden building thanks to a clever bracket. This Solar panel then absorbs the sun's energy and, in turn, creates electricity to power the LED strip. Up to 6 hours of lighting is provided, on average, from a day’s charge which is more than enough for your average shed user.

The solar panel is connected to the 2000mAH 12v Lithium Battery pack which is responsible for storing the electricity via a single 2.5m cable. The battery pack also features 2 x lightning output sockets which allows for you to charge phones and tablets which is convenient for modern living. Other power outputs include 12v power socket as well as 2 USB outputs, also great for charging tools etc.

The SolarHub LED Solar light kit has a 5m cable which is attached to the battery hub. The hub is very easy to place within your outdoor building and will not take up much space at all. The 300 Lumen LED strip fits to your roof or wall easily. Installation is incredibly simple and requires no complex tools at all. The total time taken is usually around ten minutes which, in comparison to mains installation and wiring, really is fantastic.

The SolarHub LED Solar light kit also comes with a manufacturer's 2 year warranty.

Product Code: BSD19793
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