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Install garden decking tiles

Our lightweight deck tiles are quick and easy to install and are perfect for roof gardens. The garden decking tile system is great for beginners who woudl like a great looking and effortless option.

These decking tiles have an integral framework and are can easily be laid directly onto grass and concrete. The free floating panels are compatible with any subframe.

Installing the deck bearer base (if you don't use a base kit):

  • Place two bearers at the outer edge of your decking area
  • Attach two side joists along the two other sides of the decking area
  • Fix the remaining joists – using a spirit level to ensure the structure is square

Installing the decking tiles:

  • Position the first decking tile flush with the edge
  • Then attach further tiles until the base is covered
  • Fix the tiles to the base using screws
  • Lastly, fix boards to the outer edges to hide any base structure (Optional)