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Finishing Touches to your Fence Panels and Posts you bought more traditional fence panels and would like to make them look a little more contemporary or want to add a design flourish, there are several options. Or perhaps you have tired old panels that you'd quite like to freshen-up, we have some ideas for you too.

Trellis Toppers


By simply adding elegant trellis toppers to your generic or more traditional fence panels will instantly transform their look. These trellis toppers also add extra height for added privacy and security to your existing fencing. Sometimes, making your fencing a little higher is all you need to do to put off potential intruders.

After adding a trellis topper, your fencing will be the envy of your neighbours and a focal point in your garden.

Adding a trellis to your fence panel is much easier than you might think and doesn't require a great deal of DIY skill. If you're thinking about installing a trellis topper yourself, you might want to watch our video guide first, for advice:

Fence Post Caps and Finials

The bare top of your fence post invulnerable driving rain, frost, snow or even extreme heat, which canultimately cause damage.  But there is a very simple solution, allyou need do it attach a fence post cap to the top. This protects thegrain of your fence post and extends its life by preventing internalrotting and cracking.

If you'd like to add a decorativefinishing touch to your humble fence post, then you need finials.These add an interesting extra flourish, to your otherwise plainfence post.

Garden Lights

If your really want to add a dramatic effect to your garden fencing, why not beautify it with some stunning garden night lights. If you have trellis fence panels then you have an easy place to attach garden lights. There are several options that you can choose from. To save electricity you can opt for solar powered lights and for added security some will automatically turn on at dusk.

These garden lights will enable you to stay and entertain in your garden well into the night.

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