Garden makeover on a budget

The garden is increasingly being thought of as an additional room; an outdoor living space that is great for entertaining, for relaxing in private tranquility, or for playing and exploring.

Fencing not only has a functional role in providing your garden with security, shelter and privacy; with a choice of heights and decorative trellis options, the garden dividers, fence panels and screens afford a wide range of decorative options. Even in small gardens, it is possible to create distinctive spaces, each secluded, but each giving a tantalising glimpse into the next, allowing for contrasting themes, such as an area to entertain, an area to relax and an area for the kids to play.

Creating a special area in your garden for you to enjoy doesn't need to be costly. The clever use of basics such as garden fence panels that you needed anyway, mixed with simple planting of foliage and classic flowers can be just as effective as a full garden overhaul.

If you are lookin

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