Growing your own food

We all love our gardens or would love to have one. There's nothing better than being sat in your summer house and admiring our work.

There is, however, a growing movement towards grow food from a very urban setting in the UK. From growing carrots to courgettes, tomatoes or even squashes, the function of our gardens is changing.

There are many benefits from growing your own food. For one it will reduce your weekly shopping bill, but will also cut your carbon footprint. No to mention the health benefits from all the outdoor exercise you'll get.

Last week, the Metro reported on a community scheme in the small town of Todmorden in West Yorkshire. The scheme has involved using public land to grow food, which is freely available to the public. Volunteers tend to the many trees and vegetable patches throughout the town.

You won't need a whole town to get started, you don't even need a large garden. You can grow food in a mini greenhouse, planter or window bo

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