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  1. Finishing Touches to your Fence Panels and Posts

    If you bought more traditional fence panels and would like to make them look a little more contemporary or want to add a design flourish, there are several options. Or perhaps you have tired old panels that you'd quite like to freshen-up, we have some ideas for you too.

    Trellis Toppers

    By simply adding elegant trellis toppers to your generic or more traditional fence panels will instantly transform their look. These trellis toppers also add extra height for added privacy and security to your existing fencing. Sometimes, making your fencing a little higher is all you need to do to put off potential intruders.

    After adding a trellis topper, your fencing will be the envy of your neig

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  2. Top 5 Wooden Garden Arches

    Adding a wooden arch to separate sections of your garden or to create a feature in a pathway, is a great way to freshen up the style of your garden. But the choice can be a little overwhelming, here we list our top 5 to help inspire your selection.

    Our Top 5 Wooden Garden Arches:

    Foxglove Arch - £159.99 (was £224.99)

    This is a tall and elegant arch featuring a domed top which would look amazing once your climbing plant have grown over it. All the timber carries the FSC mark and so you can be sure it has come from a responsible source.

    Classic Pergola Arch - £119.99 (was £129.99)

    This arch features the look of a small pergola whilst retaining the feel of

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  3. Our Top 5 Garden Gates

    Once you've picked your fence panels you will next need to choose a suitable wooden garden gate. Similar to fencing panels, we have a range of contemporary and traditional gatesas well as different sizes. You don't have to choose a matching gate,often you can add a design flourish with an alternative gate.

    Our Top 5 Garden Gates:

    Board Gate 1.83 x 0.9m - £84.99

    This plain traditional garden gate is made from thick heavy-duty boards, providing both security and privacy. It can also be used as a smaller panel if required. The simple yet elegant style looks great and wouldn't overwhelm your garden. This gate has been dip treated and comes with a 10 ye

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  4. Top 5 Fence panel designs

    We often overlook our garden fencing, often opting for the most uninspiring and traditional fence panels. But it doesn't have to be that way. By choosing a contemporary or decorative style of fence panel you can dramatically change the feel of your garden.

    It's also possible to use trellis topped fencing to break up your garden in to defined sections, or to hide an unsightly garden shed / compost heap.

    Classic Fence Panel:

    Board Panel 1.5m – From £27.99 each

    A classic and rigid design and diptreated which gives these fence panels anti-rot protection, guaranteed to last for 10 years. The capping also offers protec

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