Items Required:

  • Spade
  • Post Digger
  • String line
  • Spirit Level 
  • Concrete mix

Digging the hole – You can find at all big house and garden suppliers a tool named a post hole digger. They cost around £30-40 and are the best tool for the job. Designed specifically, these will take the least time and the least effort however a few things will need to be considered before digging.

The first consideration is, will their be any pipelines or cables under the soil which will cause further damage if struck? Make sure you know the ground layer and stay well clear of piping.

The second consideration is what type of ground will you be digging. Hard stoney ground will cause issues when digging as well as soft clay layers. It is best to dig a part hole and pour water in to work and weaken the soil if you reach a tough part of the ground.

Once you are satisfied with the ground, use a flag pole

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