Monthly Archives: July 2014

  1. RHS Hampton Court 2014 roundup

    With Summer right on our doorstep, it is natural to get out into the garden and restore it to its natural beauty, ready for the Family BBQ's and long summer nights. Why not add some attractive features such as an arch or arbour?

    Every garden big or small is beautiful in its own way. Throughout the Winter when we see the harsh weather it is natural for the garden to become wild and die back due to the lack of sun and not so lack of rain. Once the Sun does start to show we take to the garden to tackle mother nature. Weeds need to be pulled up, grass mowed, fence panels replaced, repaint the shed etc. But after all that's done your garden still might be missing something.

    As any Gardener will know, the Hampton Court flower show was on this week and wasn’t it a spectacular display. From the flower di

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  2. How high can my fence be?

    Garden fences are a boundary between two gardens, giving you privacy from your neighbour. Fences section of what land you own and what land is available for you to grow, plant and use. If you want to learn how to erect a fence then check out our great blogs on how to do it safely as well as all tips and tricks to make it as hassle free as possible. We have guides on how to distinguish which fence is yours and how to replace/erect a fence. 

    When it comes to building your fence you may ask the question, how high can my fence be? Whether you want to increase privacy or shade in your garden, larger fence panels are often desired. 

    The general rule of thumb is that in a properties back garden, fence panels can be a maximum of 2m high. Fence panels that we sell range from 3ft to 6ft which is just short of 2m. If you want to take a look at our range of fence panels then click here

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