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  1. Fence Paint

    Painting your fence is a great way of bringing a shine back to the garden. Weather you choose a Honey Brown or a Dark Green, a fence colour can help build up the scenery in your garden. Not only does a layer of paint add beauty to the fence it also builds resistance to the elements which is crucial for a long lasting fence line. Metal or Timber, painting your fence is easy and low hassle.

    The first thing we recommend you undertake is pre-maintainance. This includes mowing the lawn and strimming the grass that rests upon the fence line so that you can fully paint the panel. Before painting we also suggest that you use a damp cloth and take of any dirt or fungal build-up that will cause issues when painting, this gives a clean layer ready to go. If there are parts of the fence you wish to keep clean from paint such as handles then we also advise that you use tape and cover sections that paint flickers may touch. Finally, painting sheets should be placed underneath the fence to

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  2. How to choose your fence panels?

    Fence panels are a necessity to any garden or area of land for that matter, to split up your land between neighbouring patches. 9 times out of 10 you will have an already existing fence line however if you want to find guides and tips on how to erect a fence or how to distinguish which fence line is yours if you have just moved in, then look here.

    When it comes to a fence panel it needs to be long lasting, attractive, and easy to fit. At BuyFencingDirect all our panels are just that. Depending on your budget and garden size there are numerous styles and sizes of fence panels for you to choose from. Another crucial factor is the purpose of the fence. 


    The first thing you want to determine is what size panel you require. Fence panels typically come in 3ft -6ft panels and the easiest way is to measure your old panels. If you have no panels already then follow the blog on how to build a fence here and then choose a size suitable for you

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