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  1. What needs to be done in the garden in October?

    What needs to be done in the garden in October? Good question.

    October marks the return of the heavy rain, raging winds, freezing temperatures and in some cases even snow. Your garden will have to endure this harsh weather as well as everything in it and, therefore, you need
    to help it protect itself. Plants will die back, leaves will fall and animals will disappear as well as all the life pretty much. Winter can be very damaging so here are a few tips we would advise to minimise damage.


    Underneath the soil growing will continue to happen, hardy bulbs will continue to root and worms will still be decomposing mulch so we firstly suggest applying a new layer around the beds and trees.

    We all have our favourite plants in the garden that you do not want to lose so focus your attention on those.
    A good protection procedure is to remove all plants that look like they will not last and give the hardier plants more of a chanc

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  2. Want to know how to make picket fencing?

    Picket Fencing is fencing that has a traditional appearance, lengths of timber attached to two long widths of timber. The planks are positioned with space between and this gives low level privacy/security but is ideal for front gardens or sections of the garden that you keep your pets in. 

    Picket fencing is very easy to make yourself as well as cheap however if you do not fancy creating your very own picket fencing then check out the panels we have on offer.

    Picket fencing is very low cost and easy to make which if what you need is small scale fencing then it couldn’t be any better. The fencing however is only a temporary fence and will not last a long time. To increase its lifetime we suggest you treat the timber before hand with a preservative or even purchase pressure treated timber as this will ensure a much longer fence.

    The Build:

    The first question you will have is "How to make a picket fence".


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