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  1. 15 upcycle ideas for your garden

    15 upcycle ideas for your garden

    There will always come a point when items need to be replaced with something newer and more effective. Rather than throwing away your old garden tools, kitchen utensils and storage containers, why not try upcycling them into something new that could either be a decorative piece or a practical item for use elsewhere.

    Checking out upcycle ideas is a great starting position that allows you to browse a number of well-established ideas and see what upcycling is all about and to get a taste of where you can go with this concept.  Some of the best ideas are listed below:

    1. Using an old, possibly unstable ladder to hold flowerpots and trestles. This will make the most of any space you have in your garden; a vertical arrangement is practical if you have a small space and it is very forward-looking too.
    2. A number of household objects can be used as mini greenhouses and various ideas are showcased across these websites; light bulbs, plastic bottles, washed ou
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  2. How to build a fence gate

    A fence gate is a necessity for all gardens as it allows you to enter and exit your boundary with great ease. In terms of security, gates are essential for pet’s safety especially in the front gardens and keep unwanted visitors out. 
    Building a fence is extremely easy and will not break the bank. There are various ways you can build a gate in all different shapes and styles but this guide will explore the easiest way. Measurements will depend on the size of your fence however this guide will offer tips and hints and a general understanding in order for you to build your fence.
    In order for you to fit the gate, two fence posts will be required. If you do not have these already, check out our guide to creating fence posts. 
    What you will need: 
    • Timber
    • Saw
    • Measuring tape
    • Screw/Fixtures/Hinges
    • Picket/Timber lengths
    • Screwdriver. 
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