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  1. Gardening tricks that will save you time

    Gardening tricks that will save you time

    Whether one keeps a big garden, or a small one (think balconies/porches), we all find that time is of the essence, what with busy lives between the office, picking up kids, finding an hour for the gym etc. So, what follows here are 10 useful hints, tips and gardening tricks to save you time when planning and enjoying your garden.

    Be Organised
    Keep your garden neat and tidy at all times, preventing a big, big clean-up when you may be pressed for time at the end/beginning of a season. If, for instance, you keep pot plants, try and keep similar ones together so that watering, feeding and weeding will not become an unpleasant exercise. Flowering bulbs may require different maintenance to, say, herbs; bear that in mind when you organise.

    Choosing Flowers
    When deciding which flowers would be best for your garden, it is often a good idea to choose annuals that don’t require dead-heading or the removal of faded flowers to keep them

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  2. Flowers to grow with vegetables

    Flowers to grow with vegetables

    Companion planting is a concept whereby the growth of some plants benefits others, e.g. flowers and vegetables, which is becoming more and more popular all the time. Certain flowers are planted next to, or among, rows of vegetables in order to attract beneficial insects like bees (both bumblebees and honeybees), butterflies and moths to assist with pollination or especially to keep pests out. This category includes ground beetles, lacewings and hoverflies.

    Other benefits include providing shade and additional nutrients. A good tip to ensure that bees (the best pollinators) find your veggie patch is to plant flower species offering high nectar concentrations such as cosmos, zinnias, clover (often used in organic farming as it provides good nitrogen for the soil) and blue lace flowers near or among the vegetables during all seasons. The benefit to your fruit orchard or vegetable garden is immeasurable. At the same time, the bees will pollinate your flowers and do their bit to

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  3. What to expect at the RHS Flower Show, Cardiff

    What to expect at the RHS Flower Show, Cardiff

    The guiding principles to inspire, involve, inform, and improve are at the core of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). Founded in 1804, it is the goal of the RHS to be the world's leading garden charity. It is the vision of the RHS to make the UK a greener and more beautiful place, enriching the lives of everyone through plants. Those people in the UK involved and interested in gardening and horticulture are the primary beneficiaries of the activities of the RHS, although the activities promote and benefit gardening for the wider public as well. The activities and resources of the RHS include shows, gardens, education, community involvement, library (archive and other collections), science and advice, media, and RHS shops plant centres and other products. Each spring the RHS has a partnership show called the RHS Spring Show in Cardiff; it is in conjunction with the Cardiff Council. The annual flower show for the spring of 2015 incorporates three themes that reflect an emphasis on

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