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  1. 7 decking accessories for summer

    Summer is drawing near and it is time to begin enjoying the warm days after being cooped up all winter. It is the time to make use of outdoor space like a summer terrace or deck, creating great outdoor living space for any number of activities or simply to rest and relax. A deck is typically an elevated area attached to part of the home, usually the back garden, with railings covered with wooden planks. A terrace may be something similar, but not feature railings. Regardless the type of structure, they both may provide outdoor living space where you can eat, entertain, read, or even sleep on a hammock or a daybed. The key to enjoying and maximising the use of this outdoor space is making it attractive and comfortable; making it a place that people want to spend time. So whether you are hosting a garden party, showing off your barbeque skills, or enjoying some well-deserved ‘me-time’, the outdoor space provides great opportunity for family and friends to gather to enjoy the summer an

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  2. RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015: What was available?

    The 2015 RHS Chelsea Flower Show has come to a close. It has long been said that no one takes gardens as seriously or does them as well as the English and once again the RHS Chelsea served as a testament to that fact. As always the show offered inspiration to home garden enthusiasts, and no doubt humbled a few of the more puffed up amateurs as well. For those whose gardening is best undertaken with silk flowers, the show which seemed to have an unofficial sustainability theme, provided a place for contemplation and a gallery of natural beauty.


    Despite the weather, the show once again drew visitors from around the globe ranging from local pensioners to royalty.

    The Queen accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, Gordon Rayner, Chief Reporter to the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, made an appearance to support

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  3. Outdoor activities for the whole family

    Outdoor activities for the whole family

    Summer is just around the corner, the weather is warming up, and days are getting longer. All the flowers have been or are beginning to blossom. It is time for parents to think about some outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy together; there are literally hundreds of options, some free and some nearly free. The important part of planning a day trip or just some time in the garden with the entire family is getting everyone outside for a bit of healthy and fun activity. The activities below are ideal for getting the kids off the computer, off the phone, away from the video games, and outdoors to exercise both their minds and their bodies.

    The Zoo
    If there is one thing most kids enjoy, it is going to the zoo. Not only do children have fun, they often come away from the zoo having learned something new. Most zoos have information stations set up for each of the exhibits with some of the stations being interactive. Kids of all ages, even the kids in

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  4. Secure Fencing for Your Garden

    As the days get lighter and the weather gets warmer there is typically an unfortunate increase in thefts, especially of items that are left outdoors in the garden.  Children's toys, plants, garden furniture, and other valuable outdoor items can be easy pickings for thieves. The average British garden contents have a value of nearly £2,000 so it is very important to secure the garden.  There are a number of ways to ensure the garden is secure, including the use of secure fencing, gates, locks, lights, and marking property, as well as alterations that make garden fences more difficult to climb. The latter may involve applying a sort of topper to the fence. There is no guarantee a thief will not still climb the fence, but it will be a deterrent that may make the thief choose an easier target.  Furthermore, if a thief still tries to climb the fence the extra bother will take more time and will be more difficult to avoid drawing attention. The following suggestions m

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