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  1. What Glastonbury can teach us about lawn care

    What Glastonbury can teach us about lawn care

    While Glastonbury is a music festival done right, it also shows us exactly what sort of strain we can put on our grass. The inevitable frustration that comes with a lawn full of patches, weeds, and overgrowth isn't just seen after the throngs of people leave the festival grounds. They can be seen around our own home and the repair method is largely the same (albeit on a much smaller scale!) So, what can we take from Glastonbury when it comes to repairing our own lawn? Let's have a look.

    The Reason

    One of the biggest reasons to repair an unsightly lawn is because it is a significant factor in resale value of a home. If homeowners are thinking about selling their property anytime soon, then taking the time to prepare the lawn for showing can help increase the public's perception of the property and indeed help secure some of the larger bids. It will take some patience though: lawn care isn't something that happens overnight. So, if homeowners want to s

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  2. RHS Hampton Court: What to expect

    RHS Hampton Court: What to expect

    This year's edition of the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is the 25th instalment of the show, which will be accompanied by several themed events to help mark the silver anniversary of the event. Visitors can expect floral themed shows along with walks through historic gardens, and even a scarecrow display celebrating past inceptions of the pivotal accessory. The show's highlight is undoubtedly the rose display where visitors will not only be able to come into contact with some of the most well-grown roses in the United Kingdom, but also receive tips and tricks for growing roses themselves in their own homes. However, there's another display that's set to wow visitors from a more modern age.

    History of the Show

    The RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show first took place in 1990 and was first developed by the Historic Royal Palaces and Network Southeast. However, poor public perception at the time caused the Network to withdraw its subsidy from the

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  3. Getting your Fencing Ready for Summer

    It's not unusual for us as homeowners to neglect our fences. After all, they tend to just be the accent of our gardens: that thing running along the side to keep the neighbour's dog and children away from running rampant on our property. However, a poorly maintained fence is one that's structurally weak. Not only is this a security risk, but it means that it's eventually going to fall down at some inopportune moment and require repair and/or replacement. Fortunately, there's ways we can slow this process down. It's time to get our fences ready for the summer. Here's how:

    Wood Preservatives

    One of the most damaging causes of a fence deteriorating is wood rot. It's immediately noticeable: it's a fungus that discolours, eats through, and ultimately destroys wood.  Wood preservatives contain chemicals that kill this fungus and help prevent any further damage happening to the fence. Of course, this won't automatically repair any holes and other unsightly

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