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  1. The best garden tools for 2015

    Not all of us are equally handy when it comes to sprucing up our garden, but with the aid of the right equipment we can make our lives a lot easier and our garden area a lot prettier.
    Depending on the garden, certain tools will always be necessary – if you have a small garden on, say, a balcony, you will keep smaller plants and will have no need for big, expensive tools. Of course, you adjust as the need dictates.

    For bigger gardens, a variety of tools will be necessary if you want your garden to be in top condition all the time. Choose the tools that work for your circumstances. When it comes to spending your hard-earned money, it may be a good idea to remember that cheap does not last forever. Maybe spend a little bit more initially on good tools that will last longer; also, if you look after the tools there is no reason they won’t last you a long time.

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  2. A roundup of RHS Hampton Court Flower Show

    A roundup of RHS Hampton Court Flower Show

    Being the largest flower show in the world, the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show offers the visitor a wonderful variety, year after year, as can be imagined. Between the 30th of June and the 5th of July this year, some breathtaking displays were on offer, talks were held and ideas passed on to anyone interested in creating a garden, or improving on an existing one. Being awarded the Garden Event of the Year Award, the prestige of this show is unmistakable.

    Themed Zones

    Exceptionally well planned, the showground comprises themed ‘’zones’’ to assist the visitor with finding what interests them most. These zones are categorised under GROW, INSPIRE and FEAST. The GROW zone featured displays and stalls where every gardener could pick up ideas for their own garden; RHS representatives were on hand giving advice. INSPIRE featured all the different gardens, as well as a celebrity theatre, pavilion, Floristry Marquee and trade stands, whereas FEAST concentrated

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  3. Garden Fencing Ideas and Inspiration

    Fencing normally serves some purpose:  to restrict movement or access; often to provide privacy. To this end fencing is erected to keep animals – sometimes also children - out of a specific area. Depending on its purpose the fence will be made from posts of timber, metal pieces, concrete or stone.

    In many cases fencing is erected simply because it is practical to do so, e.g. to keep big farm animals like horses and cows out of a certain camp/meadow and any aesthetic considerations will not impact on how the fence looks. However, very often the fence forms part of a garden area and care is taken to make it look inviting and attractive.  This is often true for smaller gardens in suburban areas or even in high-rise apartment complexes where the only garden is a balcony.

    Different Styles

    Some inspiring ideas for garden fencing, esp. in areas with limited garden space, include a variety of styles from stark, no-fuss fencing i

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