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  1. December in the garden

    December in the garden

    I can't resist – ho, ho, ho! There..  I promise, it's out of my system.

    Christmas is racing ever closer and December is a prime time to pull an inventory together of everything you need for the coming year. A secateur sharpener, a greenhouse heater, welly socks – all on my list at the moment. But it isn't all retail this month as a few hours of daylight in the garden is the perfect antidote to wandering in shopping centres or hours slumped in front of a computer screen, recovering from a very Black Friday.

    However quiet it may seem in the garden you can rest assured that you are not alone. Birds still eat over winter and we can help out by ensuring the correct seed mix is in plentiful supply and that fresh water is available. OK, the squirrels will have a nibble and pigeons may try to scoff the lot, but robins, blue tits and sparrows will all enjoy their fair share.

    Many plants are still growing (including the weeds which may need hoe-ing off

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  2. How to choose between traditional and contemporary garden fence designs

    There are so many different fencing designs to choose from, but they mostly fall into two themes:

    1. Traditional Fencing
    2. Contemporary Fencing

    Contemporary fencing is often referred to as decorative fencing due to its more stylish appearance often adding a bit of a twist to the garden. Whereas traditional fencing is much more suited to a classic garden style instead of something a bit more modern. Each type of fence will serve the purpose of adding some security to the garden as well as some privacy, but to find out which style suits you more we have put together some key points about each.

    Traditional Fencing Panels

    These are the favoured style of the UK, with

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  3. November in the garden

    November in the garden

    November in the garden and there's plenty to be doing to keep warm.

    With bonfire smoke pervading the air, November is an evocative time in the garden. It's also a busy one.

    Some quick tips for the garden in November:

    • Before lighting any bonfires check that they are clear of animals such as hedgehogs.  Animals often like to bury themselves in the warmth of leaves, especially if they are piled up, for some added safety so it is always worth checking through your heap before lighting it.
    • Long straggly rose stems will rock in the wind and snap so it is best if you prune hard to prevent any damage to the plant which could prevent it from reflowering next year.
    • Birds need additional feed and water at this time of year. Clean out birdbaths and top up with water and keep feeders full.  Be sure to check them regularly to make sure they aren't frozen over, otherwise your birds will have to fly elsewhere to
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