Wildlife watch: Winter wanderers

Robin Redbreast may be the best-known creature to live in our gardens during the winter months, but he’s not the only one.

Winter wildlife includes a host of birds, animals and insects who all rely on our finely manicured gardens to survive the colder months.

You can make the most of your garden so that you can see some wonderful winter wildlife and also do your bit to help keep them safe and well until the spring thaw comes.

Whether it’s providing food or ensuring that they have somewhere to hibernate or shelter from the cold, you can do something to help the animals that give you so much pleasure during the rest of the year.

What sorts of wildlife can be seen during a British winter?

Your garden definitely seems quieter when the nights start to draw in, but not all the birds have flown south for winter. Many birds who spend their summers further north come to Britain during the winter, and it’s a great opportunity to see some lesser-known

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