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  1. How to install a garden arbour

    How to install a garden arbour

    What is a garden arbour? A garden arbour is an elegant addition to almost any garden. Garden arbours are arches which you can trail plants around to create a charming focal point, perhaps on the edge of your lawn or nestling beneath a mature tree. Most include a seat to provide a relaxing – or romantic – place from which to enjoy your hard work.

    Garden arbours come in a range of styles and varieties. The most basic versions feature bare wood, with a simple canopy over the top. You’ll also find intricate trellis work which is ideal for vines and climbing plants, and a number of different canopy styles, from classic gothic arches, to Japanese style curved roofs, to minarets that evoke pleasant memories or visions of Arabian Nights.

    The basics of garden arbour installation

    Garden arbour installation is not hard although you may need a helper for some parts of the job. Most garden arbours can be installed with the use of a pow

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  2. Waste not, want not: Top tips for recycling

    If you’ve had a shiny new set of tools for Christmas, or some new furniture or some plant pots, then spare a thought for whatever it is they are replacing. With landfill sites becoming ever fuller, it is becoming more and more expensive – in every respect – to simply throw things away.

    So why not find a new purpose for your old things? Recycling and reusing is a very important part of sustainability and you may well surprise yourself with your own inventiveness. Take some time to think about the little things you’ve been meaning to buy for your garden or home, then have a look at your leftovers to see if any of them might do the trick.

    Repurposing old furniture

    An old chest of drawers or dresser is a great place to start. The market for second-hand furniture, particularly old wooden furniture, is not very lucrative, but there are lots of ways to recycle a chest of drawers. Remove the top surface and the top drawers, an

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  3. January in the garden

    January in the garden

    My new greenhouse has had a baptism of fire (or to be more accurate, wind!) with gales howling around the structure and rattling the panes. All is well as it's solidly constructed and now even has a few hyacinths growing happily in what is a perfect space to sit and ponder. Santa brought the electric greenhouse heater so the sparky is booked to run power from the house. I need two more weeks of warm weather then everything will be toasty in the greenhouse.

    There will be plenty of time to grow in the next few weeks!  And there's lots to be getting on with in and out of the greenhouse:

    • Get in early and get the pick of the seed potato crop.
    • If it’s dry and mild you can still tidy up ragged looking lawns with a light trim. Set blades high and whip over the top.
    • A superb bedding plant grower to
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