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  1. How to add a garden gate into a fence

    How to add a garden gate into a fence

    There are all sorts of reasons for adding a gate to a garden fence. You might want to let your children get into next door’s garden to play with their friends. Perhaps your newly landscaped garden has a new path. Whatever the reason, adding a new garden gate can be easily done without much hassle or expense.

    A step by step guide to installing a gate

    1. Pick your spot

    Think through exactly how the gate is going to be used. Pay close attention to things on either side of the gate – this is where people will walk. If there was no fence, where would they want to walk to, and what would they want to get to once they are through?

    2. Choose your gate size

    What needs to get through the gate - children, people or a ride-on lawnmower? Make sure you’ve got a bit of wriggle room – you won’t want to scrape your car’s paintwork if it’s a tight fit.

    3. Sketch o

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  2. March in the garden

    March in the garden

    The Met Office reckon it's spring but the thermometer in the greenhouse is still telling me it's winter! Minus 2 degrees Celsius inside a cold greenhouse equates to minus 4 degrees Celsius outdoors (non scientific but I reckon it's close!).

    All of this means the electrician running cable to my own greenhouse better get the job done pretty quickly (first Saturday in March according to his latest text!). While I wait to be connected, and as he rolls out that all important armoured cable, there's plenty to be doing in the garden.

    If you don't have heating in your greenhouse it is definitely something worth considering. It helps to ensure that any plants you do have in there don't suffer from the cold, or accidentally touch cold glass which can result in all manner of problems. This in turn will help your plants survive throughout the colder months, and even though the weather is meant to be warming up, a helping hand never went amiss!

    Key gardening activities f

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