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  1. Talking all things wildlife with Wildlife Gardening

    Talking all things wildlife with Wildlife Gardening

    Recently we were fortunate enough to interview Jenny Steel from Wildlife Gardening about all things to do with having a wildlife garden, helping wildlife, and not using chemicals in your garden! Check out the interview below.

    Our Wildlife Gardening Interview

    1. As someone with a keen interest in wildlife gardening, what are your top tips for encouraging wildlife to come to your garden?

    It doesn’t matter if we are talking about butterflies, birds, mammals or the smallest invertebrates – all wildlife visitors need food and shelter and some need water, so thinking about these basic necessities is a good way to start. Once you have a better feel for the wildlife that is using your garden, you can be more specific about providing what those local creatures need.

    2. Pollinators like bees and butterflies are all under pressure at the moment. How can gardeners

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  2. Gardener's Giveaway

    Gardener's Giveaway

    It’s giveaway time here at Buy Fencing Direct and as Spring has finally arrived we want to encourage you to get out in your garden!

    Spending time outside is such an important part of spring. The chances are your garden will need a bit of sprucing up after winter, so to make sure you enjoy your time outside and get your garden organised we are hosting a fantastic competition!

    The competition prizes

    We are giving away an excellent gardener's prize bundle consisting of:

    • Solar Shed Light
    • Seed Packet Organiser
    • Log Gobbler
    • Potting Shed Collection
    • Shed Alarmed Padlock

    worth a combined value of over £100!

    We’re hosting the giveaway on our

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