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  1. Catering for hedgehogs with British Hedgehogs

    Featured Image Credit: British Hedgehog Preservation Society

    Earlier this month, we caught up with British Hedgehog Preservation Society to talk about why hedgehogs are a gardener's best friend, how we can help cater for them in our gardens, and what they should be eating if you do find one in your garden. Check out our interview below!

    Our interview with British Hedgehogs

    1. Why are hedgehogs known as ‘A gardener’s best friend’?

    Hedgehogs are famous for eating bugs, slugs and snails, although they do eat a huge range of other garden invertebrates as well – beetles, earthworms and caterpillars make up most of their diet.  Creepy crawlies in abundance will attract hedgehogs to your garden, and, in turn, will help them to survive.

    2. What good would it do, if I were to cut a small hole into my garden fence?

    Hedgehogs travel arou

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  2. Growing vegetables with Mark’s Veg Plot

    Growing vegetables with Mark’s Veg Plot

    We spoke with Mark from Mark's Veg Plot about the space you need to have your own veg plot, the difference between top and potting soil, and how to choose vegetables suitable for your garden and climate. Check out our interview below.

    Our interview with Mark's Veg Plot

    1. Living in a "typical" English suburban property, the word ‘space’ must leave you feeling anxious where gardening is concerned. What are your 5 best tips for readers looking to optimise their garden space and make the most out of their home growing?

    Most modern properties have very small gardens and are often overshadowed by neighbouring houses which block out the sunlight.

    Tip No.1: Don’t do anything permanent to your garden until you have lived in your property for at least a year, so you can see how much sunlight each area gets in each season.

    Tip No.2: Consider growing thin

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  3. Complete our survey for a chance to win!

    We are looking into what the British public do with their fences and want your feedback.

    Do you spend your days gossiping over the fence with your neighbours or do your best to avoid them?

    Take our short survey and tell us what you get up to for your chance to win a corner trellis planter or a five-tier mini greenhouse*.

    Terms and Conditions

    • This competition is for UK residents only.
    • You must be over 21 years old to enter this competition.
    • Deadline for prize draw entry: midnight of Monday 19th September 2016
    • There is no voucher or cash alternative

    In order to be entered for the prize you must follow the steps below:

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