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  1. Fifteen Fun Shed Facts - for every devoted sheddie

    Fifteen Fun Shed Facts - for every devoted sheddie

    definition of sheddie

    At Buy Fencing Direct, we admit that most of us are sheddies in some form or another.  So, for all you fellow sheddies out there who love your sheds, we've compiled this list of shed facts for you.

    According to Kerry Maxwell, author of Brave New Words, "the affectionate term sheddie has been around for a number of years, but has only recently come into the public eye in connection with the observation that the current economic situation may in part be responsible for the growing popularity of 'garden offices'. Users of

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  2. Complete our survey for a chance to win!

    We are looking into what the British public do with their fences and want your feedback.

    Do you spend your days gossiping over the fence with your neighbours or do your best to avoid them?

    Take our short survey and tell us what you get up to for your chance to win a corner trellis planter or a five-tier mini greenhouse*.

    Terms and Conditions

    • This competition is for UK residents only.
    • You must be over 21 years old to enter this competition.
    • Deadline for prize draw entry: midnight of Monday 19th September 2016
    • There is no voucher or cash alternative

    In order to be entered for the prize you must follow the steps below:

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  3. Mini Greenhouse Giveaway

    Mini Greenhouse Giveaway

    It’s giveaway time again here at Buy Fencing Direct!

    We’re hosting the giveaway over on our Buy Fencing Direct Facebook page

    To be in with the chance of winning this excellent 5 Tier mini greenhouse, all you need to do is – ‘LIKE’ our Facebook page, ‘LIKE’ one of the competition posts and then ‘SHARE’ the post on your own wall for your friends to see.

    Deadline is Monday 8th August at midnight and the winner will be announced the following day –Tuesday 9th June.
    GOOD LUCK everyone!


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  4. April’s top 5 garden structures and fences

    April’s top 5 garden structures and fences

    With summer just around the corner, gardens can often need a bit of TLC and part of that is making sure that your fences and garden structures are looking great. Over winter, it is quite common for garden fencing and structures to take a bit of damage from the weather, so if you are looking to replace any of your existing items be sure to check out these products below.

    The best garden fencing and structures

    1. Chestnut brown pressure treated featheredge panel in 6x6, 6x5 and 6x3

    Create a classic and effective garden boundary fence with this excellent pressure treated featheredge panel, providing privacy and security for your outside fence as well as looking lovely!

    These fence panels are manufactured from heavy duty timber and pressure treated to provide a 15 year guarantee again

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  5. March in the garden

    March in the garden

    The Met Office reckon it's spring but the thermometer in the greenhouse is still telling me it's winter! Minus 2 degrees Celsius inside a cold greenhouse equates to minus 4 degrees Celsius outdoors (non scientific but I reckon it's close!).

    All of this means the electrician running cable to my own greenhouse better get the job done pretty quickly (first Saturday in March according to his latest text!). While I wait to be connected, and as he rolls out that all important armoured cable, there's plenty to be doing in the garden.

    If you don't have heating in your greenhouse it is definitely something worth considering. It helps to ensure that any plants you do have in there don't suffer from the cold, or accidentally touch cold glass which can result in all manner of problems. This in turn will help your plants survive throughout the colder months, and even though the weather is meant to be warming up, a helping hand never went amiss!

    Key gardening activities f

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  6. Wildlife watch: Winter wanderers

    Wildlife watch: Winter wanderers

    Robin Redbreast may be the best-known creature to live in our gardens during the winter months, but he’s not the only one.

    Winter wildlife includes a host of birds, animals and insects who all rely on our finely manicured gardens to survive the colder months.

    You can make the most of your garden so that you can see some wonderful winter wildlife and also do your bit to help keep them safe and well until the spring thaw comes.

    Whether it’s providing food or ensuring that they have somewhere to hibernate or shelter from the cold, you can do something to help the animals that give you so much pleasure during the rest of the year.

    What sorts of wildlife can be seen during a British winter?

    Your garden definitely seems quieter when the nights start to draw in, but not all the birds have flown south for winter. Many birds who spend their summers further north come to Britain during the winter, and it’s a great opportunity to see some lesser-known

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  7. A roundup of RHS Hampton Court Flower Show

    A roundup of RHS Hampton Court Flower Show

    Being the largest flower show in the world, the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show offers the visitor a wonderful variety, year after year, as can be imagined. Between the 30th of June and the 5th of July this year, some breathtaking displays were on offer, talks were held and ideas passed on to anyone interested in creating a garden, or improving on an existing one. Being awarded the Garden Event of the Year Award, the prestige of this show is unmistakable.

    Themed Zones

    Exceptionally well planned, the showground comprises themed ‘’zones’’ to assist the visitor with finding what interests them most. These zones are categorised under GROW, INSPIRE and FEAST. The GROW zone featured displays and stalls where every gardener could pick up ideas for their own garden; RHS representatives were on hand giving advice. INSPIRE featured all the different gardens, as well as a celebrity theatre, pavilion, Floristry Marquee and trade stands, whereas FEAST concentrated

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  8. RHS Hampton Court: What to expect

    RHS Hampton Court: What to expect

    This year's edition of the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is the 25th instalment of the show, which will be accompanied by several themed events to help mark the silver anniversary of the event. Visitors can expect floral themed shows along with walks through historic gardens, and even a scarecrow display celebrating past inceptions of the pivotal accessory. The show's highlight is undoubtedly the rose display where visitors will not only be able to come into contact with some of the most well-grown roses in the United Kingdom, but also receive tips and tricks for growing roses themselves in their own homes. However, there's another display that's set to wow visitors from a more modern age.

    History of the Show

    The RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show first took place in 1990 and was first developed by the Historic Royal Palaces and Network Southeast. However, poor public perception at the time caused the Network to withdraw its subsidy from the

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  9. RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015: What was available?

    The 2015 RHS Chelsea Flower Show has come to a close. It has long been said that no one takes gardens as seriously or does them as well as the English and once again the RHS Chelsea served as a testament to that fact. As always the show offered inspiration to home garden enthusiasts, and no doubt humbled a few of the more puffed up amateurs as well. For those whose gardening is best undertaken with silk flowers, the show which seemed to have an unofficial sustainability theme, provided a place for contemplation and a gallery of natural beauty.


    Despite the weather, the show once again drew visitors from around the globe ranging from local pensioners to royalty.

    The Queen accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, Gordon Rayner, Chief Reporter to the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, made an appearance to support

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  10. What to expect at the RHS Flower Show, Cardiff

    What to expect at the RHS Flower Show, Cardiff

    The guiding principles to inspire, involve, inform, and improve are at the core of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). Founded in 1804, it is the goal of the RHS to be the world's leading garden charity. It is the vision of the RHS to make the UK a greener and more beautiful place, enriching the lives of everyone through plants. Those people in the UK involved and interested in gardening and horticulture are the primary beneficiaries of the activities of the RHS, although the activities promote and benefit gardening for the wider public as well. The activities and resources of the RHS include shows, gardens, education, community involvement, library (archive and other collections), science and advice, media, and RHS shops plant centres and other products. Each spring the RHS has a partnership show called the RHS Spring Show in Cardiff; it is in conjunction with the Cardiff Council. The annual flower show for the spring of 2015 incorporates three themes that reflect an emphasis on

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