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Gardening Guides

  1. Caring for Roses - An Interview with Gardening Know How

    Caring for Roses - An Interview with Gardening Know How

    We spoke with Stan Griep, the Master Rosarian at Gardening Know How, about growing and caring for roses.

    A master rosarian has to grow roses for many years and contribute significantly to the realm of rose growing in order to achieve their title, so Stan has a wealth of experience, which he kindly agreed to share with us.

    Our full interview with Stan is shown below:

    Interview with Gardening Know How

    1. You have years of experience growing roses in cold climates. How difficult is this? Are there any roses that flourish in colder environments?

    It definitely is more trying to grow roses in a cold climate.

    You need to really do your homework and research the growth habits and growing-zone ratings established for the rosebushes you are considering for your rose beds or rose gardens.

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  2. Your ultimate guide to gardening: Infographic

    Your ultimate guide to gardening: Infographic

    Need to know what to do in your garden but don't know where to start? We've looked at 4 key areas for gardening and provided 5 top tips for each to help you make a start on your garden. Our 4 key areas of focus are:

    1. Seasonal Gardening - we've covered tips for the whole year, not just the current season, so if you want to know more check out our gardening advice section
    2. Eco-Friendly Gardening - eco-friendly gardening is a huge part of making sure that you are doing your bit to help the environment while you enjoy your garden! Find out more about eco-friendly gardening here
    3. Growing Your Own - growing your own food is becoming more and more important, and popular! We look at some great ways to get started here but for more information check out our
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  3. Catering for hedgehogs with British Hedgehogs

    Featured Image Credit: British Hedgehog Preservation Society

    Earlier this month, we caught up with British Hedgehog Preservation Society to talk about why hedgehogs are a gardener's best friend, how we can help cater for them in our gardens, and what they should be eating if you do find one in your garden. Check out our interview below!

    Our interview with British Hedgehogs

    1. Why are hedgehogs known as ‘A gardener’s best friend’?

    Hedgehogs are famous for eating bugs, slugs and snails, although they do eat a huge range of other garden invertebrates as well – beetles, earthworms and caterpillars make up most of their diet.  Creepy crawlies in abundance will attract hedgehogs to your garden, and, in turn, will help them to survive.

    2. What good would it do, if I were to cut a small hole into my garden fence?

    Hedgehogs travel arou

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  4. Growing vegetables with Mark’s Veg Plot

    Growing vegetables with Mark’s Veg Plot

    We spoke with Mark from Mark's Veg Plot about the space you need to have your own veg plot, the difference between top and potting soil, and how to choose vegetables suitable for your garden and climate. Check out our interview below.

    Our interview with Mark's Veg Plot

    1. Living in a "typical" English suburban property, the word ‘space’ must leave you feeling anxious where gardening is concerned. What are your 5 best tips for readers looking to optimise their garden space and make the most out of their home growing?

    Most modern properties have very small gardens and are often overshadowed by neighbouring houses which block out the sunlight.

    Tip No.1: Don’t do anything permanent to your garden until you have lived in your property for at least a year, so you can see how much sunlight each area gets in each season.

    Tip No.2: Consider growing thin

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  5. Saving wildlife with Bumblebee Conservation Trust

    Saving wildlife with Bumblebee Conservation Trust

    The humble bumblebee is more important than many may think! We spoke to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust about the importance of these little invertebrates and how to help save them from further depletion. Take a read of our interview below.

    Our interview with Bumblebee Conservation Trust

    1. A lot of people probably don’t know how important bumblebees are in terms of wildlife. Why should people be concerned about their declining numbers?

    Our charismatic bumblebees are keystone species, holding a unique and vital role in the way the ecosystem functions. These wonderful little invertebrates play a huge part in the pollination of a number of the commercial crops that we rely on, such as tomatoes, peas, apples and strawberries (all that good stuff that we love). In fact, according to a study by Potts et al in 2014, bees contribute over £651 million per annum to the UK economy.

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  6. Chatting allotments with Southbourne Gardens

    Chatting allotments with Southbourne Gardens

    This week we caught up with Victoria, avid allotment-grower and the mind behind Southbourne Gardens. We talk about all the benefits and advice for starting up an allotment, as well as a delicious insight into some great ideas on storing fresh produce! Have a read of our interview below.

    Our interview with Southbourne Gardens

    1. What made you decide that you wanted to run your own allotment having had no previous gardening experience?

    When I was a growing up in Weston-super-Mare, we used to drive past a local allotment site and I was always fascinated by it. This came back to me later in life and suddenly I found myself with the time so it seemed ideal. My mother was also quite a keen gardener, mainly growing soft fruit. We had strawberries for tea every summer evening and our sideboard at home was always full of bottled blackcurrants, jams and chutneys to keep us going throug

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  7. Setting up a garden with The Blackberry Garden

    Setting up a garden with The Blackberry Garden

    Earlier this month, we spoke to Alison from The Blackberry Garden about setting up a garden from scratch to get some excellent tips for people just getting started with gardening, and especially for people who work full time and want to know how they can make the most of their garden. Take a look at our interview with Alison below.

    Our interview with The Blackberry Garden

    1. What made you decide to set up a garden from scratch?

    I had always been interested in gardening but I had a very small garden and I knew I wanted to expand what I was able to do.  I was looking to move house anyway when I found this property with a large grassed lawn but virtually no planting at all.  I was really excited by the thought of this as it meant I could do pretty much exactly what I wanted with the space.  I always tell people I bought the garden, the house just happened to come with it.

    2. What

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  8. Talking hen-keeping with The Kitchen Garden

    Talking hen-keeping with The Kitchen Garden

    Earlier this month, we caught up with the wonderful Francine from The Kitchen Garden to talk about keeping hens, making a career out of gardening, and getting the most out of a small plot. Take a look at everything we spoke about below.

    Our interview with The Kitchen Garden

    1. What made you decide to use your talent for the garden and hen-keeping after a career in fashion and illustration?

    Like most good things, my love for gardening just evolved, and while my children were growing up, I was spending more time at home and enjoying time spent outside with them. Several years later, I decided to open a small shop in my garden. While I was looking for unusual products to sell, I thought a small series of books on how to grow veg and fruit and how to keep hens would sell well, so I self-published. Looking back, I wonder where the energy and nerve came from!

    2. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to create a career out o

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  9. Finding out about the Garden Tower Project

    Finding out about the Garden Tower Project

    We were lucky enough to have a chat with the great people over at Garden Tower Project to find out about their amazing garden tower. We talk about everything from growing-your-own to how to reap the benefits of this sustainable, vertical garden. Check it out in the interview below!

    Our interview with Garden Tower Project

    1. How did you come up with the idea for the Garden Tower?

    The Garden Tower was the brainchild of Colin Cudmore of Indianapolis in the USA, who had a ‘eureka’ moment one day whilst listening to a talk on permaculture techniques. He constructed a prototype version from a barrel and had great success with it, launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to redesign, upgrade, patent it, and bring it to market. The rest, as they say, is history. Nature’s Toolbox Ltd are the main agents in the UK.

    2. The garden tower lets people grow up to 50 plants in 1.3 sq. metres. Does it have any restrictions on the plants y

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  10. Growing in small spaces with VegTrug

    Growing in small spaces with VegTrug

    Growing your own food can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you are growing in small spaces. But the guys over at VegTrug have created a fantastic range of products that are perfect for just this! Designed to easily slot against walls or into corners/any unused space you have, they are perfect for anyone looking to start gardening with minimal space. Take a look at what we learned about VegTrugs below, as well as what they can be used for and some excellent tips on growing your own food.

    Our interview with VegTrug

    1. You make a variety of different products, from Planters in a range of styles to raised beds. How does each different product provide a different space for a small garden?

    It all comes down to how much space you can set aside for growing your own. We have the iconic VegTrug which comes in 3 sizes (from 1.8m width down to 75cm) and some customers wanted t

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