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Gardening Guides

  1. Gardening spotlight: Charles Dowding

    Gardening spotlight: Charles Dowding

    Charles Dowding has had his name associated with no-dig gardening for years now, and it is unlikely that you will find people who practice no-dig gardening who do not know of him. Charles found his feet in no-dig gardening some 30 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. No-dig gardening works best with a layer of compost as mulch, which encourages worms and other soil life to 'do the digging', avoiding any need to turn/loosen soil or make trenches. Here Charles tells us a bit more about the practice and gives some insightful tips and thoughts into different areas of gardening as well.

    What is your all-time top gardening tip for the beginner gardener?

    Be prepared to put time, effort and some money into establishing a garden. The first year is key, cleaning soil of weeds especially. Start small, don’t take on more than you can manage thoroughly, and then expand your plantings as you get the hang of what is involved. Gardens are unforgiving if you negle

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  2. Pallet gardening do’s and don’t’s

    Pallet gardening do’s and don’t’s

    Pallet gardening is becoming a trend for many home-owners, but few are aware of how to go about it. While the flexibility gained by gardening on pallets is unparalleled and unrivalled by any other popular means, there are a few things gardeners need to know before introducing them to their homes. Let's take a look at some things to keep in mind when pallet gardening.

    Do Have a Design in Mind

    Many pallet gardeners make the mistake of simply stocking up on a bunch of unused, unwanted pallets from nearby industrial outlets without any prior consideration into the overall design that's being made. This is one of the worst mistakes a prospective pallet gardener can make. When designs aren't at the forethought of a gardener's mind, then they're probably just going to end up as makeshift piles of wood across various parts of the garden without any real appreciation for the aesthetics of a pallet design. Gardeners need to understand how the overall look of a

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  3. Gardening spotlight: Phil McCann

    Gardening spotlight: Phil McCann

    Recently we were lucky enough to interview Phil McCann. Having worked on BBC's Gardeners' World and previously working as a horticultural consultant for the Royal Horticultural society Phil is truly an expert in his field.

    Our gardeners spotlight gives us a chance to gain expert advice and pass it on. The beauty of gardening is that there is always something new to learn. So whether you're a budding beginner or a well-seasoned gardener, Phil's commentary around the following topics is bound to provide you with some great tips and insights into keeping your garden.

    Protecting From Frost Damage / How to Winterize Your Garden

    It's that time of year – the first frosts, plants being blackened and the furrowed brows of greenhouse owners around the country. It is, however, a great time. You can clearly see the structure of the garden and a bit of cold will kill off some pests and diseases. But your treasured tender plants need help. Plants lik

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  4. Gardening spotlight: Janette Merilion

    Gardening spotlight: Janette Merilion

    Recently we were fortunate enough to speak with Janette Merilion, a highly experienced horticultural speaker and gardening specialist. Janette runs her own garden design business as well as finding time to lecture in horticulture and speak to groups about a variety of gardening topics. We asked her about the following topics to get some more insight into the gardening world.

    Preparing the garden for winter

    One of the things that I do not do is make the garden too tidy. Fallen leaves and dying foliage provide cover for the soil during winter and also help to preserve moisture - this in turn proves to be helpful for foraging birds and other animals. It brings the birds into the garden where they can scramble around and find worms hiding beneath the foliage along with other insects.
    I do, however, remove any leaves from lawns as they will damage the grass and I usually store these in a bag with holes in to rot down and become a good mulch to put am

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  5. 15 upcycle ideas for your garden

    15 upcycle ideas for your garden

    There will always come a point when items need to be replaced with something newer and more effective. Rather than throwing away your old garden tools, kitchen utensils and storage containers, why not try upcycling them into something new that could either be a decorative piece or a practical item for use elsewhere.

    Checking out upcycle ideas is a great starting position that allows you to browse a number of well-established ideas and see what upcycling is all about and to get a taste of where you can go with this concept.  Some of the best ideas are listed below:

    1. Using an old, possibly unstable ladder to hold flowerpots and trestles. This will make the most of any space you have in your garden; a vertical arrangement is practical if you have a small space and it is very forward-looking too.
    2. A number of household objects can be used as mini greenhouses and various ideas are showcased across these websites; light bulbs, plastic bottles, washed ou
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