Shed Advice

  1. Buy a Tool Shed for a Tidy Garden

    Buy a Tool Shed for a Tidy Garden

    A tool shed is not just a clever alternative to a conventional garden shed; it makes a wonderful gift for someone too.

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  2. Your Guide to Lawn Mower Storage

    Your Guide to Lawn Mower Storage

    Lawn mower storage is hugely versatile with plenty of room to store other garden tools, or toys and bikes. Take a look at how you can use these small sheds in your garden.

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  3. Bike Sheds - A Guide to Bike Storage

    Bike Sheds - A Guide to Bike Storage

    Bike Sheds Are Among the UK’s Favourite Garden Sheds

    Bike ownership is at record levels, leading some people to argue that cycling is the UK’s national sport. Consequently, there are now a huge number of bike sheds for sale.

    If this trend continues, bike storage sheds will soon overtake traditional wooden sheds as the nation’s favourite garden buildings.

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  4. Wooden, Metal or Plastic Sheds? Our Advice on How to Choose

    Wooden, Metal or Plastic Sheds? Our Advice on How to Choose

    Every garden needs a shed. Sheds are such versatile buildings: providing extra outdoor storage space for tools, lawnmowers and garden furniture; creating impressive home-gyms or garden offices; as well as being a superb place to grow seedlings and complete other gardening-related activities.

    But which garden shed should you choose? There is such a wide variety it can feel almost overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. Even after you’ve decided on a size, you still need to pick between metal sheds, plastic sheds and wooden garden sheds. So, here’s our lowdown on your options.

    Wooden Sheds

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  5. How to maintain garden structures

    How to maintain garden structures

    Sheds, fences, pergolas, arbours, trellises and even playhouses are all great things to have in a garden. But the wind, rain, snow and sunshine all take their toll and what looked like a shiny new addition to your garden can end up looking worn out and dilapidated if you don’t maintain it.

    Maintaining garden structures is a necessary chore. Any gardener who has ever ripped out a decrepit old fence or shed will think wistfully that it would have been far easier and cheaper to maintain it properly.

    Looking after your garden structures

    Garden Sheds

    Wooden, metal and plastic garden sheds all have different requirements for maintenance.

    Wooden sheds take the most work as you need to prevent wood rot. Dip-treated wood requires a fresh coat of wood treatment preservative once a year. If your shed is made from pressure-treated wood, then wood preservative has been worked into the centre of the timber

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  6. Run the London Tree-athlon 2012, in Battersea Park

    Run the London Tree-athlon

    This weekend (Saturday 15th September) many runners will be preparing for a charity triathlon with an interesting environmental twit.

    First there is a 5 k run round thevery scenic Battersea park, followed by a barefoot 100 m sprint andfinishing with a tree planting. They're calling it a tree-athlon and you can sign-up for £22, but in addition you need to raise at least £25 in sponsorship.

    There's also the Tree-Athlon village featuring farmers market stalls, live music and other entertainment to keep you and your family amused.

    Buy Fencing Direct cares about keeping protecting our forests and using wood in a susta

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  7. News: Fencing could reduce water pollution in the UK

    Advancements in sewage treatment have led to marked improvements UK river water quality. Unfortunately, farm animals continue to be a major cause of river water pollution. If  no action is taken by 2015, then the UK could be in breach of the European Water Framework Directive (WFD).

    This poses potential health risks for people using our rivers for recreational use, such as punting, canoeing or swimming.

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