Top Tips and How To

  1. Outdoor activities for the whole family

    Outdoor activities for the whole family

    Summer is just around the corner, the weather is warming up, and days are getting longer. All the flowers have been or are beginning to blossom. It is time for parents to think about some outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy together; there are literally hundreds of options, some free and some nearly free. The important part of planning a day trip or just some time in the garden with the entire family is getting everyone outside for a bit of healthy and fun activity. The activities below

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  2. Gardening tricks that will save you time

    Gardening tricks that will save you time

    Whether one keeps a big garden, or a small one (think balconies/porches), we all find that time is of the essence, what with busy lives between the office, picking up kids, finding an hour for the gym etc. So, what follows here are 10 useful hints, tips and gardening tricks to save you time when planning and enjoying your garden.

    Be Organised
    Keep your garden neat and tidy at all times, preventing a big, big clean-up when you may be pressed for time at the end/beginning

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  3. Spring cleaning, spring pruning

    The process of pruning is important to the health and growth of garden plants. When the process is carried out properly it improves the vigour of the plants, stimulates the growth of the plants, and makes the shape of the plants much nicer. Proper pruning encourages and enhances the abilities of plants to flower and bear fruit. It takes the right combinations of artistic skill, scientific knowledge, and the proper tools for the pruning process to be safe, healthy, and produce beautiful results.

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  4. How to get the perfect lawn

    How to get the perfect lawn

    While many gardeners enjoy taking care of their flowers and other plants, some often do so to the detriment of their lawns. The lawn is sometimes overlooked and not given the same amount of care or concern as a garden. This is a mistake. The lawn is often the backdrop upon which the garden is viewed. After all, most gardens sit within and/or around the larger part of the plot of land, which is the lawn. There are a couple of considerations that should be given to the lawn. The most evident is

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  5. How to start preparing your garden for 2015

    How to start preparing your garden for 2015

    Preparing your garden for spring is one great way to break up the restless monotony of wintertime blues. It is also a great way to get a jump start on all that is involved in nurturing the garden to avoid feeling overwhelmed when the frenzy of springtime gardening arrives. The following information may help with spring garden preparation. Follow these tips and make springtime less hectic.

    1. Fix elements of the hardscape such as gates, fences, and trellis. There are always maintenance
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