Before you lay the decking, we would recommend that any remaining work to the sub-structure, such as applying protective finish, is completed before starting to lay the deck boards. Take a look at our guide on building the sub-frame.

The deck boards we supply are 28mm x 120mm in size which are the most desirable type of decking as they are less prone to sagging, warping, twisting or cupping.

The exact size of the deck boards is dictated by the area that you are looking to cover with decking, the joist span and the layout / pattern that you choose for garden decking project.

Before fastening any boards, lay out all but the last few boards on the joists, this way you will be able to see the final effect and make changes where necessary for the best appearance.

Position the deck boards ''bark side'' up to minimize the splitting / warping of the wood that can occur. The way to tell that this is the right way, is that the grain of the timber will resemble a rainbow.

For a more uniformed look, position the boards so that the top grain will run in the same direction.

Ideally you should use deck boards that are slightly longer than the width of the deck, so that any mis-measurements can be rectified and boards cut exactly to the length required.
If it is necessary to 'butt up' the deck boards, ensure that this is done over a joist and staggered for maximum strength and durability of your garden decking.