Fencing Ideas for Your Front Garden

After last summer’s project, your back garden now boasts a magnificent run of fencing; six-foot fence panels, gravel boards, matching fence posts and even finials beautifully frame your lawn, flower beds and vegetable patch. How about your front garden though? A threadbare garden hedge that’s been there for as long as you can remember? Clearly its time for an upgrade – wooden fence panels are the solution.

Wooden fence panels required

Featheredge and close board fencing

Perhaps you live on a main road and have children or pets to look after? The best fence panels for your front garden could well be featheredge or close board. Choose either five or six-foot fence panels to keep pets and small children safe, secure and away from busy roads. Sturdy and robust, featheredge or close board panels are also more resistant to vandals than standard panels.

Featheredge and close board fencing

Picket and decorative fence panels

Decorative fence panels are wonderful ways of increasing your home’s kerb appeal. In a street full of tired hedges, broken panels and dilapidated walls, a new run of splendid fencing can transform the whole appearance of your front garden. If you want to add a touch of modern style and class whilst retaining some privacy, horizontal hit and miss panels are superb as are wave panels with their undulating curves. Standing four feet or more, and with many designs featuring in-built trellis, onlookers will see your front garden in a whole new light.

Decorative fence panels

If instead you live in a quiet village in the countryside, picket fencing might be the best option for you. There can be no doubt that picket fence panels add a rustic charm to any property, especially when situated adjacent to a flower bed or vegetable patch. Though perhaps owning a cottage with a white picket fence is somewhat of a cliché, this classic look is nonetheless bound to impress.

Picket fencing


Should the majority of your garden space be at the front of your property, noise can be an issue. It is difficult to relax on a sun lounger when all you can hear is the roar of the traffic. Acoustic fence panels can help with this. These innovative panels help to reduce noise thanks to their clever design; you can read more about them here.

Acoustic fence panels

So, there’s a few ideas to think about when considering wooden fence panels for a front garden; which option would you choose? Let us know in the comments section below.

If your front garden could do with a bit of enhancement, have a browse of our full range of garden fence panels for some inspiration.