Garden fences are a boundary between two gardens, giving you privacy from your neighbour. Fences section of what land you own and what land is available for you to grow, plant and use. If you want to learn how to erect a fence then check out our great blogs on how to do it safely as well as all tips and tricks to make it as hassle free as possible. We have guides on how to distinguish which fence is yours and how to replace/erect a fence. 

When it comes to building your fence you may ask the question, how high can my fence be? Whether you want to increase privacy or shade in your garden, larger fence panels are often desired. 

The general rule of thumb is that in a properties back garden, fence panels can be a maximum of 2m high. Fence panels that we sell range from 3ft to 6ft which is just short of 2m. If you want to take a look at our range of fence panels then click here. We have a range of designs and sizes and are the best on the UK market.

Fence posts and panels will all support a maximum of 2m/6ft when it comes to buying fencing. If you intend to build your own fence this blog is perfect for you, but remember the highest it can be is 2m otherwise the council can investigate and make you replace your fence with a safer height. 

If you decide to build a high fence your neighbours may become upset and you may become enemies and as every home owner knows, having bad neighbour relationships is the worst feeling ever. Consult your neighbours if you do want to build a fence just to keep them aware and happy.

To find out just how high you are able to build, contact your local authority planning office who will be able to inform you on restrictions for your area. If you want to go higher you will have to request planning permission which can be costly and take a long time to complete. 

If you are thinking about front garden fences, restrictions state that fences alongside a driveway can be a maximum of 1m or 3ft. This is subject to individual restrictions so make sure you check your plot limitations. 

Its always better to be safe then sorry. Tall fences can fall down when harsh winds blow which could lead to high replacement costs. Remember if you are unsure, contact your local council.

To find out more about our high level fences watch our video below, or take a look at the range we have.