The Fencebase Easy-Fit can be used on any surface which can accept bolts. These bases are the perfect answer if fencing posts or uprights need to be added to a completed deck surface or onto concrete, simply drill through the decking surface and attach with bolts.

Installing a fence post into concrete

Tools needed

  • Fence post support
  • Fence post
  • Hammer drill
  • Masonry drill bits
  • Concrete fixing bolts
  • Spirit level
  • Adjustable spanner and ratchet

Fixing the fence post onto a hard surface

TIP: Tighten the bottom bolts first

  1. Place the fence post base support into position, where you would like the post to be
  2. Mark out the positions of the bolt holes for drilling and remove the base support
  3. Drill the holes and return the base support
  4. Fix the base post in position using the concrete fixing bolts
  5. Insert the fence post and tighten the bolts on the base support
  6. Use a spirit level to ensure that the fence post is square