Keep Your Garden Tidy with Small Garden Storage

The Invaluable Garden Storage Box

No matter what sort of lifestyle you lead, a small garden storage box is an absolute godsend.

This isn’t business sales patter, and we’re not hyping up the next ‘big thing’, but patio storage boxes are amongst the most useful items in the garden. In fact, pound for pound, in both weight and sterling, you’d struggle to make a better purchase.

If you don’t believe us, consider these 10 benefits of small garden storage:

10 Brilliant Uses for Small Garden Storage Boxes

1. Outside Storage for Dog Walkers

A small, brown, plastic garden storage box, with a seat lid.

A dog needs its exercise come rain or shine.

This means that dog and owner alike sometimes get a bit dirty.

What you need is a place in the garden to sit down, take off your wellies and clean muddy paws.

The 1’11x1’6 Suncast Resin Wicker Plastic Garden Storage Box with Seat not only offers you a suitable seat, this weatherproof outside store also contains ample storage space for dog leads, wellies, poop bags and a torch.

2. Small Outdoor Storage for Gardeners

A small but tall wooden garden store, with its door ajar to reveal gardening tools.

We know most of you own a garden shed, but think about the benefits of having a small wooden store too.

You would have instant access to frequently-used tools, without having to shift a whole host of other things out of the way first.

Try the Forest Tall Garden Store.

Pressure-treated and supplied with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee, this wooden storage unit has a very small footprint, but its elevated height makes it capable of storing plenty of long-handled tools.

3. Patio Storage for Kids’ Toys

A brown, plastic, small garden storage box on a patio.

It’s great to see the kids enjoying themselves out in the garden, instead of cooped up indoors.

The only downside is you can bet your bottom dollar that when they come back inside, the patio will be strewn with toys.

The Forest 4x2 Rattan Effect Plastic Patio Storage Box provides the answer.

Practical, stylish and with a reassuring 5-year guarantee, this patio storage box’s generous 270L capacity means you’ll have your patio tidy again in no time.

4. Small Garden Storage for Sun Worshippers

A 4x2 anthracite-grey, metal garden storage box, with its lid up to reveal cushions.

Nothing beats relaxing in the garden on a sunny day, but there comes a time when your outdoor furniture needs packing away.

A dusty, old shed isn’t a suitable home for brand-new garden cushions. Enter the small garden storage box.

The 4x2 Rowlinson Metal Rattan Effect Garden Storage Box Anthracite is rust resistant, fire retardant and completely weatherproof.

Backed by a 10-year guarantee, it includes integral flooring and a hydraulic-powered lid, so is the perfect place to keep garden cushions pristine throughout the year.

5. Convenient Outdoor Storage for Sports Lovers

A wooden, small garden storage box on gravel, next to plant pots and a watering can.

Round ball or oval ball? Two wheels or two legs? We are a nation of sports lovers.

Whether you need a convenient home for your football boots, running shoes or cricket bats, a small garden storage box is most certainly the answer.

The Forest Wooden Garden Storage Chest is built in the UK from pressure-treated and backed by a 15-year anti-rot guarantee. It offers superb outside storage for all manner of sports equipment.

6. The BBQ Master’s Very-Own Patio Storage

A cream and brown plastic store, with its doors and lid open to reveal barbecue equipment.

We know how much our customers enjoy a good barbie.

However, the weather in Manchester isn't the same as in Melbourne, so you may need a place to quickly store your barbecue, tools and charcoal, when the rain sets in.

The Toomax Extra Large 842L Plastic Outdoor Shed is a tidy 4x2, so won’t take up valuable garden space.

If you don’t do barbecues, we’d still recommend buying one, for this plastic garden storage unit can double up as a wheelie bin store, suitable for two 120L wheelies.

7. A Convenient Drop-Off Point for Deliveries

A small garden storage box, made of galvanised steel.

Many of you lead busy lives and aren’t always at home when deliveries arrive.

Whether it’s a valuable parcel or the weekly groceries, wouldn’t it be great to have a secure outside storage box, where everything can be safely deposited?

For unbeatably secure small garden storage, consider the 4x2 Biohort StoreMAX 120 Metal Box.

Built from hot-dipped, polyamide-coated galvanised steel and backed by an incredible 20-year guarantee, this small metal store ensures maximum security, as well as complete weatherproof protection.

8. An Ornithologist’s Garden Treasure Trove

A 4x2 plastic patio storage box, designed like a garden bench.

We believe the sight and sound of garden birds is one of nature’s greatest gifts.

If you’re somebody who shares this passion, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a place to store bird seed, binoculars and your hardback guide to birds, right underneath your birdwatching seat?

The 4'5x1'9 Suncast Resin Patio Storage Bench fits the bill perfectly and with room to spare.

Built from UV-stabilised plastic resin, this beautifully-designed garden storage seat can be assembled without tools and is backed by a 5-year guarantee.

9. Wooden Garden Storage for Water Babies

A wooden garden storage box, with its lid open to reveal red cushions.

Do you own a swimming pool?

If the answer is 'yes', would you like somewhere convenient to store the kids’ armbands and beachball, along with your garden cushions and suntan lotion after you’ve been relaxing poolside?

Look no further than the 4x2 Rowlinson Wooden Garden Patio Storette.

Pressure treated, supplied with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee and with a weather-resistant liner to keep your belongings dry, this outdoor storage box is just the ticket.

10. Organised Recycling for Eco-friendly Families

a slatted wooden storage unit for recycling boxes
Are you trying to do your bit for the environment? If all that recycling is getting in a muddle, small storage can help you sort out your paper from your plastic and your metal from your glass.

The Rowlinson 2x3 Box Store is ideal for holding your tubs of recycling.

Pressure treated with an impressive 15 year anti-rot guarantee this box store is slatted to stop smells building. The shelves are repositionable to accommodate your boxes. Plus, the timber is FSC-certified from well-managed forests so is just as enviromentally friendly as you. 

Small Garden Storage for Sale

A very secure white metal storage box, situated on deck boards.

Buy Fencing Direct specialises in all aspects of outdoor storage, including wooden, metal and plastic small garden storage boxes, each with their own unique benefits.

Take a few moments to view our superb range of small garden storage now and you’re sure to find something to suit your very own requirements.