If you're thinking of laying a flat surface in your garden, you are probably torn between the range of options available from concrete slabs to decking or even decorative aggregates.

Love it or hate it, garden decking is the more economical option and allows for the finish of your choice. Our decking boards and tiles are all pressure treated which gives them guaranteed 15 years of protection from rot and fungal decay.

Decked areas of your garden are great for entertaining friends with alfresco dining or providing a stable BBQ area. You could also use your decking as a family seating area or even as a setting for garden games.

Of course, you will need to get the balance between decked and natural area of you garden, you don't want too big or too small a decked area. Here are some of the issues you may want to think about.

Planning your decking area

1) Where to place your decking boards?

If you choose to place decking against your house's walls then you need to think about proper drainage. Ideally place the decking over a porous material such as gravel or hard core. If building onto concrete you will need to make sure this is tilted away for your house. Lastly, if you are building directly onto the ground you may need to use a weed proof membrane.

Always make sure that the decking touches your walls below the damp-proofing course and always check building regulations before starting to construct garden decking.

2) How much of your garden do you want to cover?

You will need to plan how large area you'd like to have decked. Make sure that you accurately measure the area so that you can figure out how many decking boards that you need to buy. Always add 10 % extra to your order to make up for cutting boards to length.

3) Type of decking: Softwood decking tiles, decking boards or kits?

Using decking boards requires the most DIY skills but will look best over larger areas, but must use a base. Decking tiles are great for small areas and do not need to be assembled on base kit. Tiles are also the best option for decking a roof garden area and are the simplest to assemble. Lastly, Decking board kits feature all that you need to assemble a decking area.