The past few months have indisputably demonstrated that Britain can experience some peculiar weather. We have certainly had an unusual winter. Enough about that though; we’re bored of reading overly dramatic articles about the snow. Nevertheless, one of the criteria of being British is talking incessantly about the weather; so, today let’s discuss the wind instead.

While the wind has many uses, it can cause havoc with your fence panels.

Those of us living in windy spots, such as the North, the South West and high-altitude areas, have a number of problems to contend with. Choosing the correct fence panels is one of them. Many would choose solid, sturdy fence panels such as featheredge or close board; these are undoubtedly great options, but there are alternatives.

Featheredge and close board fence panels

Fence panels with wind gaps:

Slatted Fence Panels

Instead of trying to completely block the wind, slatted fence panels dissipate powerful gusts, therefore reducing much of the stress. Many modern fence panel designs feature slats specifically for this purpose.

Slatted fence panels

Picket Fence Panels

Though less private than slatted fence panels, picket fence panels also work brilliantly in windy conditions. The very nature of their design drastically reduces the wind’s power thanks to the gaps between the vertical boards. Furthermore, as windy areas are generally rural, a rustic traditional picket fence will complement the scenery beautifully.

Picket fencing

Trellis Panels

If privacy isn’t an issue for you, trellis panels are perfect in windy areas. A variety of styles and sizes are available, suiting a plethora of gardens. Choose trellis with large gaps for windy areas; powerful gales will be completely nullified.

Trellis panels

Concrete Posts

Heavier than their wooden counterparts, concrete fence posts are ideal for windy areas. Be sure to set them two feet into the ground, using postcrete to anchor them in position. Concrete posts will remain rigid for years to come, combine them with the panels above for the ultimate defence system.

Concrete posts

If you’re looking for some fence panels and trellis panels, why not browse through Buy Fencing Direct’s range? What style of fence panel or trellis do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section. What do you think are the best fences for windy areas?