What to expect at the RHS Flower Show, Cardiff

The guiding principles to inspire, involve, inform, and improve are at the core of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). Founded in 1804, it is the goal of the RHS to be the world's leading garden charity. It is the vision of the RHS to make the UK a greener and more beautiful place, enriching the lives of everyone through plants. Those people in the UK involved and interested in gardening and horticulture are the primary beneficiaries of the activities of the RHS, although the activities promote and benefit gardening for the wider public as well. The activities and resources of the RHS include shows, gardens, education, community involvement, library (archive and other collections), science and advice, media, and RHS shops plant centres and other products. Each spring the RHS has a partnership show called the RHS Spring Show in Cardiff; it is in conjunction with the Cardiff Council. The annual flower show for the spring of 2015 incorporates three themes that reflect an emphasis on plants, people, and places.

The RHS Flower Show is the first outdoor show of the year. It is a welcoming of the new season and a great opportunity for people to shake off the winter blues and get outdoors to embrace the rebirth. The first theme of the 2015 show is "Step into Spring!" Spring flowers and colour from the beautiful displays in the Plant Village, Floral Marquee, and show gardens can be enjoyed across the showground. Highlights of "Step into Spring!" will include fifty-four UK nurseries that have been carefully selected, Plant Village exhibitors, the RHS Potting Bench, information about the RHS trials team, various medal-winning show gardens, and a display of illustrations inspired by the "Step into Spring!" theme.

The second theme of the RHS Flower Show in Cardiff is "Simple Spaces: Amazing Places". This theme has a practical component in that it is intended, in part, to give people ideas they may be able to implement at home to make their own spaces more amazing. The fact is that many people live in urban environments, which do not lend to having ample garden space if any at all. Any green spaces or gardens which may have been present at one time have probably been paved over for ease of maintenance or even additional parking. People in urban areas often see green spaces dwindling right before their eyes. It is for this reason that the second theme is so important. Green space is a vital component to the health and well-being of people as well as for biodiversity and wildlife. "Simple Spaces: Amazing Places" will show visitors at the flower show how inspiring, practical, and easily maintained living spaces can be designed and created in three examples of average sized gardens. They are as follows:

  • The Relaxing Garden Office is an example of how to create a sort of studio space for working, but also a space that is simple, dreamy, and relaxing.
  • The Funky Kitchen Garden is as it sounds, taking the kitchen outdoors. This example helps people visualize how to transform a small space into a garden area to grow produce and even keep chickens. The designer even allows for space to dine alfresco as the warm weather arrives. This is a true "grow your own" garden space.
  • The Wildlife Haven is designed with a focus on encouraging insects, birds, and hedgehogs, showing the importance of gardening for wildlife. The love of the outdoors is reflected in this family garden.

The third theme is "Grow Together". No matter the age or ability of the gardener, this aspect of the flower show gives advice, tips, and other educational opportunities that allow anyone to get involved in hands-on activity. The RHS is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all plants and related information and this theme helps to bring it all together. The RHS Flower show in Cardiff is the best place to hone gardening expertise or even to begin a new hobby of gardening. Highlights of the "Grow Together" theme include RHS Talks & Demonstration Theatre, School Wheelbarrow Competition, the Family Area, and the Learn & Grow Marquee.

In addition to all the activities relating to the three themes, "Step into Spring", "Simple Spaces: Amazing Places", and "Grow Together" there will be live music and entertainment throughout the show, forty craft exhibitors, the Farmers Market with over thirty local artisan producers, and some of the best gardening products on the market being made available by exhibitors that have been carefully selected.

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