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Types of Fencing

When creating a boundary for your home and garden, you need to select fencing suited its purpose. There are many different types of fencing available to suit your every need.

Below we outline the most popular types of fencing and their benefits: 

Close Board Fencing

With its heavy duty framework, close board fencing is sturdy enough to withstand strong winds. Even more robust than overlap fencing, it provides increased privacy and security for the perimeter of your home and garden.

Overlap Fencing

Overlap or lap fencing is one of the most popular styles of fencing. Providing privacy and security, it is fairly similar to close board panel fencing as it is encased in a heavy duty framework. Though perhaps not quite as strong as close board fencing, it is a more affordable choice when creating longer fence lines.

Garden Trellis

A garden favourite, trellis is a versatile addition to your garden fencing. It can be added to the top of your fence panels to create a higher fence without losing light in the garden. It can also be mounted on your existing fences or walls to support your climbing plants. Trellis adds a decorative touch wherever you choose to place it.

Picket Fencing

Much loved for its charming appearance, Picket or Palisade fencing is a simple but effective fencing solution for a front or back garden where full privacy isn't your priority. It will still create a boundary, to keep children and pets secure, for example, and define areas of your garden.

Post Fencing

Post, or post and rail, fencing is most commonly used as agricultural fencing or for a more informal fencing in a front garden. The posts can be pre-scalloped to easily and smoothly accommodate post rails. 

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