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Our cheap fence panels offer great value for money without sacrificing quality. We have both dip treated, and pressure treated cheap fencing available, boasting substantial anti-rot guarantees, in a whole host of different sizes. Our full selection of affordable fence panels includes decorative panels, and those with trellis too.


Are you ready to tackle a new fence project? Our fencing buying guide is your go-to resource. Free delivery from 3 days is available for most UK locations, except for orders under £100 for fencing or decking.

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Handpicked cheap panels for sale

How did we select the products for this budget-friendly garden fence panels page? Well, it is all about the price tag. We handpicked these cheap panels to show you that you do not have to break the bank for your fencing needs.

We understand, many buyers are working to on a budget these days, and we list this range accordingly. So, we have rounded up some wallet-friendly choices to help you save some cash while still buying quality fencing. These cheap panels might be kind to your wallet, but they do not skimp on style or durability. Check them out and see how you can spruce up your outdoor space without emptying your pockets.

How long will cheap fencing last?

So, you might be wondering about the quality of our cheap fencing. It is only natural to wonder how long these would last and “If I buy cheap, would I be buying twice?

Well, the good news is that these fence panels will last for the long-term. Our entire range (including overlap fence panels), has a minimum of a 10-year anti-rot guarantee on dip-treated panels (just remember to give them annual retreatment) and an even more robust 15-year anti-rot guarantee on pressure treated fencing panels.

Listed below are three professional tips to ensure your fencing stands the test of time:

  • Gravel boards – we strongly recommend using gravel boards to give your cheap panels extra protection from dampness. This gives your fence an extra boost shield against the challenges of the UK weather
  • Regular maintenance - even though these wooden fence panels are tough, extra care and maintenance will never do any harm. Clean them, and treat dip treated panels annually, and they will reward you with a long lifespan and long-lasting beauty
  • Weed control – be observant about weeds and overgrowing plants. The roots especially can push against your fence, and cause damage


Does buying cheap fence panels from Buy Fencing Direct mean sacrificing quality?

No, not a chance! At Buy Fencing Direct, we have your back. Check this out: all our wallet-friendly fence panels are supplied with a reassuring minimum 10-year guarantee. That is right, we stand by our products.

Here is the clincher though, all these cheap fence panels are manufactured by Forest Garden, a heavyweight in the premium fencing game. So, you are not just getting a great deal; you are snagging top-notch quality at affordable prices. Quality and affordability? It is like the dream team of fencing.

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