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  1. Guide to Fence Post Repair: Replacing or Fixing a Rotten Fence Post [UPDATED]

    Guide to Fence Post Repair: Replacing or Fixing a Rotten Fence Post [UPDATED]

    Putting up wooden fencing for yourself is a very rewarding process and is easier than you think. Fences are often overlooked and taken for granted, but with a little effort, they can enhance your garden environment. But from time to time, fence post repair

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  2. How to Dig a Fence Post Hole: Tools & Expert Tips [UPDATED]

    How to Dig a Fence Post Hole: Tools & Expert Tips [UPDATED]

    When it is time to dig a fence post hole, you are not just preparing for a new fence; you are laying the groundwork for a key part of your garden's layout. This focuses on precision and the right approach, ensuring each post hole is a stepping stone to

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  3. Fence Installation Guide: How to Install a Fence Post and Put Up Your Garden Fencing Panels [UPDATED]

    a run of decorative fencing that will require fence installation

    Master the art of fence installation with our comprehensive guide. Learn how to install fence posts and put up garden fencing panels like a professional.

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  4. Learn How to Erect a Fence: Complete Guide [UPDATED]

    a picket fence

    Discover the essentials of how to erect a fence with our comprehensive guide. Covering different fence types, installation steps, and legal considerations. This guide is perfect for anyone planning to enhance their property's privacy and aesthetic appeal.

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  5. How to Attach Garden Trellis to a Fence Panel or Wall [UPDATED]

    Forest 6' x 1' Diamond Lattice Trellis Fence Topper - Read on to see how to attach trellis to a fence

    Attaching trellis to a fence or wall is an impressive way to give your garden a major style upgrade and a bit of privacy too. Read on as we discuss how to attach trellis to a fence.

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  6. How to Paint a Fence: Tips & Advice [UPDATED]

    a person's hand paints a fence

    Give your garden a new lease of life with our fence painting tips and advice. Learn how to paint a fence, including choosing the paint and applying it. Understand how to maintain the colour for a durable and revitalising fence makeover.

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  7. Garden Fencing Ideas, Decoration and Screening Inspiration [UPDATED]

    a run of decorative fencing

    Creative garden fencing ideas & screening inspiration to transform your outdoor space. Find tips on choosing, installing, & decorating the perfect garden or patio fence.

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  8. Which Type of Garden Gate is Best for My Property?

    Forest Europa 3 x 6 Pressure Treated Wooden Side Garden Gate

    Get the lowdown on our superb range of garden gates, right here. Discover the advantages of wooden garden gates, metal side gates and driveway double gates now…

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  9. Composite Decking vs Wooden Deck Boards – Which Decking Kit Is Best for My Garden?

    composite decking, wooden deck boards, and a question about which is best

    Discover the pros and cons of both composite and wooden decking boards here, so you can determine which type of decked area is best for your garden…

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  10. Our Top 10 Carports and Prefab Garages, This Year

    When it comes to protecting your vehicle, carports and prefab garages have their own unique selling points. Discover 10 of the best garage buildings and carports for sale here…

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