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If you want to add a height to your fence panels, increasing your privacy without blocking all sunlight, our fence toppers for sale are for you. Plus, take a look at our 1ft and 3ft trellis panels which are also perfect for increasing your fence height and supporting climbing plants.


For premium fencing advice, our fencing buying guide is an essential read. Section 1 - Fencing Decision 1: Size discusses height options for fencing. Receive free delivery to most UK postcodes from just three days with all fence topper trellis orders, this is not applicable to orders under £100 for fencing or decking.

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Forest Diamond Lattice Fence Topper 183 x 30cm
26% Off
Out of Stock 10 Year Anti Rot Guarantee Dip Treated Free Delivery over 100
Special Price £22.99
Was £31.49
Forest 6' x 3' Diamond Lattice Trellis Fence Topper (1.83m x 0.9m)
52% Off
5 - 10 Working Days 10 years Dip Treated Free Delivery Over £100
Special Price £34.99
Was £73.49
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What are fence toppers?

Fence toppers are useful additions you add on top of your garden fence for a bit of extra flair, height, or extra privacy. Think of them as the cherry on top of your garden's cake. They are available in a range of styles, from sleek modern designs to more traditional looks, with fence trellis toppers being a very popular choice. Fence toppers are perfect for those looking to enhance their garden boundary.

Overview of our fence topper trellis range

So, you are in the market for fence topper trellis? Let me give you a quick overview of our range. Firstly, all our garden fence toppers are handcrafted in rural Worcestershire by the leading outdoor lifestyle manufacturer, Forest Garden, homegrown quality at its best.

Dip treatment and guarantee

The range is all dip-treated, which is a method where the topper exterior wood has been dipped in wood preservative. This means our fence topper trelisses are tough against the elements, but you will need to give them an annual treatment with quality wood preservatives to keep them in tip-top shape.

Thanks to this dip treatment, we provide a 10-year anti-rot guarantee with our fence toppers. We are not just focusing on rot; this treatment keeps fungi and insects at bay too.

Sizes available

As for the sizes of fence topper trellis we have available, either choose our:

or if you are looking to really raise your fence height

Whatever your garden's style or your privacy needs, we have options awaiting.

Environmental values

Fence toppers are not just about looking pretty though, one of the best aspects to consider is that they are superb for the environment. These trellises give your climbing plants a dream playground. Think of plants such as:

  • Flowers – (honeysuckle, roses, ivy, etc.)
  • Fruit - (grapes, raspberries, strawberries, etc.)
  • Vegetables - (cucumbers, peas, runner beans, etc.)

By choosing a fence topper trellis you can supporting more plants. You are basically giving a high-five to local wildlife. Birds, bees, butterflies will all be buzzing around your new trellis. Plus, in the summer, your trellis becomes a lush, green oasis, keeping your garden space cool and relaxed. Breathe in fresher air too as your plants convert CO2 into fabulous fresh oxygen.

Ease of installation

Now, let us talk about installation, it is a breeze! You do not need to be a DIY expert to get our fence top trellis installed. A few screws, a bit of effort, and your garden is transformed. They are available in different sizes too, so whether you want just a few trellis panels or a full-on statement piece, there is something special awaiting the top of your fence!

Legal aspects of fence heights when using privacy fence toppers

Be careful, when you are increasing the height of your fence with privacy fence toppers, as you must keep an eye on the UK’s height restrictions rules. You do not want to accidentally turn your stylish outdoor space into a legal case with your neighbour or local authority! For further information on the legalities of increasing fence heights to add more privacy, visit our blog article “How high can my fence be?”.

Support, guides and advice

Why not also read the following related articles about privacy fence toppers and making your fence taller, on the Buy Fencing Direct blog:

Contact Buy Fencing Direct

Contact us to discuss any aspect of our fence topper trellis range including height considerations and calculations, legal aspects, and our range of high-quality fencing accessories. Contact Buy Fencing Direct about any of our fence toppers in these ways:

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