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Erect your new garden fence quickly and efficiently, without the hassle of cement or digging, with our excellent wooden fence post spikes for sale - suitable for normal soil conditions. Make the task even easier by using our fence post drivers in conjunction with our fence post spikes.


Why not take a few minutes to read our comprehensive fencing buying guide? Decision seven in the guide specifically focuses on timber posts and accessories, offering you valuable insight. Most UK postcodes receive free delivery taking from just 3 days, which is available on all orders apart from fencing and decking orders below £100.

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About our wooden fence post spikes

If you are looking to secure your fence in a way that combines both ease and enhanced durability, then the wooden spikes from Buy Fencing Direct are just the thing you need. Designed for quick installation, these spikes eliminate the need for digging and concreting posts, making the installation process quicker and easier.

Crafted for long-lasting stability by Forest Garden, these Hammerite-coated steel spikes provide a firm anchor for your fence posts. The high-quality metal used ensures that your fence will not only be stable but also withstand the challenges of harsh UK weather conditions. This makes them an outstanding choice, as these spikes will admirably and equally cope with both hot summers as well as snowy winters.

User-friendly design

Design with ease of use in mind, we are sure that even newcomers will be able to safely use our post spikes. There is no need to be a DIY expert at all to use them! More important than personal skills are the tools you use, which is why we recommend post drivers later. Some effort will be needed to drive the spikes into the ground, so ideally a person with strength will complete this work.

Versatility and a range of sizes

Versatility is guaranteed when you buy our post spikes. Choose the exact size you need to ensure it accurately and snugly fits the size of your fencing post. Whether you are installing a wooden fence, or garden trellising choose from the selection below to satisfy your requirements:

We also recommend you to browse and shop through our range of fence post drivers, which will help you to easily drive the spikes into the ground. Choose from small (45-60mm) and large (90mm) driving tools to accompany your post spikes purchase.

Do you sell cheap fence post spikes?

Everything we sell is value-for-money and some might describe it as “cheap.” We prefer to market our products (including cheap fence post spikes) as competitively priced. We guarantee they are high-quality, built to last and are strongly recommended for your fencing project. Being exceptionally durable, these wooden fence post spikes are easy to install and are a sensible choice.

Contact details

Connect with the Buy Fencing Direct team today at 0333 003 0515 and let us guide you through our selection. Whatever your fence post spike requirements are we can help. Complete our user-friendly online form on our contact us page to send us an email today. If you wish to text chat with us in real-time, use our Live Chat function which is located at the bottom left of any page.