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Simple yet attractive and effective, our wooden fan shaped trellis panels for sale are usually attached to a wall or existing fence as a means of supporting gorgeous climbing plants. These triangle trellises are versatile and can also be used as a standalone feature in the garden, where they can be anchored into the ground for stability.


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Forest Fan Trellis
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What is a fan trellis?

A fan trellis is simply a fan shaped trellis (also referred to as a triangle trellis).

These trellises provide a decorative and sturdy structure that adds flair and style to your garden walls or fences. Imagine this, a trellis that spreads out like a fan at the top, both chic and a design statement. This is not just for show; climbing plants totally love a fan shaped trellis as well. You can watch your plants weave their way up, turning a dull wall into a living piece of art. A fan trellis is heavy duty, so that it can support the heavy weight of many climbing plants.

Buy our wooden fan shaped trellis

Buy online in just a few minutes with secure online eCommerce payment at Buy Fencing Direct. Listed below is a summary of this product and why you should consider it for your garden.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

This fan trellis is not just a one-season wonder, its display changes according to the seasons. Manufactured by Forest Garden in the UK from FSC-certified timber, you can rest easy when you buy our wooden fan trellis knowing that it is manufactured from eco-friendly sustainable forestry sources.

Treatment and guarantee period

This trellis is dip treated, which gives it a shield against rot and fungal diseases as well as protection against insects. So, it is going to last, looking smart in your garden for many years to come. This is why we provide a solid 10-year anti-rot guarantee when you buy this trellis. You will have to play your part though with annual retreatment, a small price to pay for a decade or more of style.

Trellis size

Size-wise, this heavy duty fan trellis is 6ft (1.8m) in length. At the top, where it fans out, it is 2ft (0.6m) in width. It is perfect for making a statement without overpowering your garden. The triangle fan trellis design is a total contrast to the usual straight-up-and-down trellis. It adds an artistic touch and is like you have your own garden gallery.

Loved by climbing plants

Now, let us talk plants, trellises are ideal for climbing plants. Imagine clematis, honeysuckle, ivy, jasmine, or roses spreading out at the top, creating their own unique and cool intriguing shapes. Sit back and enjoy as your garden displays its own natural art show with plenty of foliage, flowers, and fragrance.

This is your contribution to local biodiversity and a haven for bees, butterflies, and other insects. Also remember, it is not just about looking good; it is a practical purchase too. The fan trellis shape means your plants get to spread out as they grow, getting all the sun and air they need.

In short, if you are looking to buy a little more than your average trellis and you are undertaking a garden makeover, this fan shaped trellis could be just what you need. It is like giving your plants and your garden wall a bit of a glow-up.

Ease of installation

Installing a wooden fan shaped trellis is surprisingly straightforward and hassle-free. This makes it a rewarding and fun DIY project even for those not too handy in the garden. Its straightforward design allows for simple mounting against a wall or fence, or it can be easily anchored in the ground, offering flexibility and ease in adding a decorative touch to any outdoor space.

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