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Contemporary trellis panels create a modern and stylish twist on more traditionally styled fencing. At Buy Fencing Direct, we think our modern trellises for sale are ideal for those looking for a striking border or impressive garden feature.


Boasting impressive 15-year anti-rot guarantees, they are designed to last.


Need fencing advice? Our fencing buying guide has the information you need. Plus, buy contemporary trellis panels today and enjoy free delivery to most UK locations from just three days. Free delivery does not apply to orders under £100 for fencing or decking.

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Our contemporary trellis panels

Buy from us in confidence as we have all the contemporary trellis panels you will need. We have all the sizes covered including 6’x1’, 6’x2’, 6’x3’, 6’x4’ and 6’x6’.

All our entire trellis range is manufactured by Forest Garden from sustainable UK-sourced timber. Our contemporary trellis panels are all pressure treated, which means we provide them with a 15-year anti-rot and fungal guarantee and will require no annual retreatment.

What features can be considered as a modern trellis design?

Expect these features from at least some (if not all) of the contemporary and modern trellises in our range. Click on a specific garden trellis for further details:

  1. Compact styles for small spaces - perfect for balconies or small gardens, modern trellises such as the Forest 6' x 1' Rosemore Pressure Treated Diamond Trellis maximise space without compromising style
  2. Eco-friendly materials – our trellises are made from sustainable PEFC or FSC-certified wood. This means our trellises are not only good for the planet, but they are also super trendy
  3. Edible plant support – many of our designs specifically support the growing of fruit (e.g., blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, even kiwi fruit in sheltered and sunny spots) or vegetable vines (e.g., cucumbers, peas, runner beans, tomatoes, etc.,) This brings the chance of sustainable living and saving some shopping money!
  4. Multi-functional use – our contemporary trellises double as privacy screens or garden dividers and are a smart choice, you could also describe them as a focal point!
  5. Seasonal adaptability - trellises designed to adapt to different seasons to keep your garden looking great all year, e.g., fruit/vegetables mentioned above in the spring/summer. In the autumn/winter climbing plants such as clematis, jasmine, and ivy could be grown on the trellis
  6. Sleek geometric patterns - say goodbye to traditional designs and hello to bold, geometric patterns (e.g., diamonds and squares). A form of living art, you could also maybe add an arch top to your fencing for a contemporary edge
  7. Smart climbing plants support – our modern designs offer optimal support for climbing plants and are both functional and stylish
  8. Vertical gardening – embrace vertical gardening with our contemporary trellis panels. Maximise space (particularly in small gardens) by growing upwards

Add-ons and enhancements

The following add-ons and enhancements can further enhance the style and function of contemporary trellis panels. Buy any of these online from Buy Fencing Direct:

  1. Hanging planters - add extra greenery with planters that hang from the trellis.
  2. Integrated lighting - built-in LED lights can transform your trellis into a stunning night-time feature
  3. Solar power integration - harness solar energy for lighting and outdoor power

Ideas for positioning

You may have selected a contemporary fence panel from this page, but are wondering “Where do I position the trellis panel?" Here are some suggestions.


Why not opt for a classic use for your modern trellises and mount them against exterior walls? It is not just practical for climbing plants, it also adds an artistic focal point to any garden wall. But if you are not into drilling holes in walls, no worries. You can just set it up freestanding in the garden. They create an awesome focal point or even act as a divider for your outdoor space.


If you have outdoor fencing, why not “jazz it up” by attaching a contemporary trellis panel? It is like giving your garden fence a mini makeover, and it is fantastic for training climbing plants. For a stunning entrance, place your modern trellis over your garden path entrance, this is welcoming and looks lush. Additionally, consider wrapping trellises around your patio or seating area.

Balconies and terraces

If you have a balcony or terrace, fixing up a lattice trellis on your balcony railing is a genius way to make the most of limited space, using vertical gardening. For the green-fingered, installing trellises above raised garden beds is a great idea. This is perfect for growing vegetables or flowers up high, saving much-needed space. Finally, have you ever thought about using your trellis as a roof? If you have a pergola, drape a modern trellis over the top and enjoy a cool and shaded spot that is perfect for sunny days.

Ideas, guides and advice

For ideas, support and advice relating to the use of trellises, we have a wide selection of garden trellis articles here; some examples are provided below:

  1. Climbing plants for your trellis
  2. The best trellis ideas
  3. How to attach a trellis to a fence panel or wall

Speak directly to our staff

Do you want to discuss contemporary trellis with us? We are here at Buy Fencing Direct, for all your enquiries:

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