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Enhance the longevity of your timber fence panels with our durable concrete fence posts and gravel boards for sale. Lightweight and grooved to eliminate the need for fixings, concrete fence posts are easier to use than you think. Use our concrete gravel boards in conjunction with our concrete posts to further increase the potential lifespan of your garden fence.


If you have additional questions, our fencing buying guide provides plenty of extra information, with decision seven focusing on fencing posts, as well as gravel boards. Free delivery taking from just 3 days applies to most UK postcodes, although orders below £100 for fencing and decking will incur a small surcharge.

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Forest Lightweight Concrete Fence Post 2.36m
5 - 6 Weeks Free Delivery over 100
Forest Lightweight Concrete Gravel Board 1.83m
3 - 4 Weeks Free Delivery over 100
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Perfectly complementing each other - concrete posts and gravel boards

When you are putting up a fence, you want it to last. Buy concrete fence posts and gravel boards online from Buy Fencing Direct for a solid and dependable framework. They work great together, and here is why.

The role of concrete posts

Concrete posts are the backbone of any sturdy garden fencing. They are dug deep into the ground, which makes sure your fence stays upright. Even in bad weather, these posts are not going anywhere.

You will also save time and money with this long lasting alternative to wooden posts. Unlike (untreated) wood, concrete does not rot or get eaten by bugs. So, you do not have to replace them often.

Lastly, they look good. They have a smooth finish that can blend with different fence styles. You get strength and style all in one.

The role of gravel boards

Gravel boards do more than just look nice. They sit at the bottom of your fencing panels and keep moisture away. This stops the wood from rotting, which makes your fence last longer.

They also add a clean line at the bottom of your fence. This is not just good for style, but also for stopping animals from digging under. Your fence looks better and is more secure.

Plus, they are easy to replace. If one gets damaged, you can swap it out without taking down the whole fence.

Why do they complement each other?

Buy concrete fence posts and gravel boards together, make a great team. The posts provide the height and strength, while the gravel boards offer bottom protection. Together, they create a fence that is as strong as it is stylish.

And it is not just about looks or strength. By working together, they extend the life of your fence. Your panels are better protected from rot, and your posts stay firmly in place. It is a win-win.

Buy concrete fence posts and gravel boards at Buy Fencing Direct

Discover top-tier concrete fence posts and gravel boards for sale that provide both durability and style. These essentials are crucial for any fencing project that requires long-lasting and reliable components.

Lightweight concrete fence post

This concrete post is all about resilience and longevity. These posts stand at a towering 236cm, providing ample height for various fencing panels. Made with premium concrete, they are highly resistant to rot and weathering and easily withstand UK weather conditions.

Installation is a breeze thanks to its lightweight design. Not only does this ease the overall building process, but it also lowers your labour costs. It is the ideal choice for those wanting to achieve a professional finish without the hassle in fencing projects.

Expect these fencing posts to last for years, maintaining their structural integrity without frequent upkeep. Pair them with your choice of fence panels and enjoy the sturdiness that only concrete can offer.

Lightweight concrete gravel board

This is a gravel board where durability meets practicality. These 183m long boards are the perfect solution for adding an extra layer of protection against soil moisture. They effectively raise your panels, helping to prevent decay and extend their lifespan.

What sets this gravel board apart is its resistance to weather and pests. Constructed from high-quality concrete, it stands up against the harsh elements and annoying pests that might compromise your fence's structural integrity.

Benefits of this gravel board

Benefits include:

  • Ease of use - provides an ease of installation
  • Elegance - adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor space
  • Long-lasting - designed for longevity
  • Solid - they offer a solid foundation that boosts the life of your fence

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