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Buy the perfect fence posts to go alongside your chosen fence panels and this will create a strong, attractive border for your garden. Whether you choose our pressure treated wooden fence posts with their 15 year guarantee against rot or our concrete fence posts which are naturally resistant to rot and decay, you can be sure that your fence panels will have robust, reliable support for many years to come. In fact, we have everything you need to make your fence a stylish and integral part of your garden. We have an excellent range of garden fence panels, fence posts, gravel boards, gates, post caps and fixings. Everything you need.


Why not read our fencing buying guide for comprehensive advice? Decision seven is specifically focused on fence posts. For most UK locations, free delivery is available, this excludes fencing or decking orders below £100, and takes from just 3 days.

Concrete Fence Posts

Concrete fence posts give additional longevity to timber fence panels by keeping them raised above the damp floor where rot is prominent.




From £38.49

Wooden Fence Posts

High quality fence posts are essential for securing your fence panels. Wooden fence posts are more attractive than their concrete counterparts and help to create a seamless run of fencing.


From £14.49

Fence Post Brackets

Secure your fence panels to fence posts with our high quality fence brackets. Our range includes a choice of L brackets or U brackets.




From £3.99

Fence Post Caps

Not only are these a decorative feature that can enhance your fence line but fence post caps are also important in protecting the end grain of your fence posts from rain, frost and heat.


From £1.99

Fence Post Spikes

Our excellent range of fence post spikes will help you erect your garden fencing quickly and securely without the hassle of cement or digging.




From £6.99

Fence Post Supports

Use our fence post supports to erect your fence posts with ease or to repair a broken fence post without the cost of replacing it.




From £6.99

Fence Post Fixings

Our range of fence fixings features L and U brackets to secure your fence panels to your fence posts.





From £3.99

Fence Post Bases

Our fence post bases are designed for erecting your fence posts onto surfaces which can be drilled, such as concrete or tarmac. They are also useful for pergolas and arches.



From £6.99

Fence Post Drivers

Make your fencing project easier with our fence post drivers. Designed with our fence post spikes in mind, our fence post drivers help you erect your garden fencing quickly and securely with less effort.


From £11.49

Buying from our fence posts range

Looking to buy fence posts? Then look no further! Our range includes a diverse selection of posts, from sturdy concrete to charming wooden options. But it does not stop there – we also offer a wide selection of accessories to suit your specific needs. Do you need brackets, caps, spikes, supports, fixings, bases, or drivers? We have them all! With our comprehensive range, you can customise your fencing project to perfection.

Do you have cheap fence posts for sale?

Now, let us talk about the most burning question – are there any cheap fence posts for sale? Absolutely! We understand that budget is a concern, especially for those starting their journey in the DIY world. That is why we have a variety of fence post offerings at affordable prices that do not compromise on quality. Rest assured; our competitive prices ensure you can secure your property without emptying your wallet. When it comes to our fence post offerings, high quality and affordability go hand in hand.

Size options

Choosing the correct fence post size is critical. Choose from 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, and 8ft fence posts when you buy online at Fencing Buy Direct.

Always aim for fence posts that are about two feet taller than your actual fence panels. This extra height is crucial because you will be sinking the posts into the ground for stability, usually about 1.5 to 2 feet deep. So as an example, if you have a six-foot fence panel, you need to buy an eight-foot post.


Table of fencing post and panel sizes

This table of fencing post and panel sizes, provides the possible combinations.

Fencing post size

Fencing panel size










Colour options for fence posts

When picking a colour for your fence posts, we understand that you need options. You might want the rustic vibe with classic timber posts, or perhaps you are looking for something clean and bright like our white fence posts. Whatever your preference, we have the options you need.

Concrete posts

Concrete posts are the backbone of a durable fence. They are stuck in the ground permanently, you do not have to worry about them going anywhere, even when the weather is unpredictable. A long-term benefit of these concrete posts is that they are a real money-saver! They are resistant to rot and will not be devoured by pests, so you can pretty much install them and forget about them!

We also recommend our concrete gravel boards to use in conjunction with concrete posts. These are specially designed to provide your fence panels with the best protection against moisture arising from the ground.

Wooden posts

A Wooden fence post is a fine solution for creating a strong and good-looking garden fence. Our timber fence posts are pressure treated to keep them free from rot and fungal decay for an impressive 15 years.

Fence post accessories

Buying posts is just the start, it is not just about the posts though. Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, Buy Fencing Direct has all the tools and fencing accessories you need to complete any fencing project. From brackets to caps to spikes and more, we have everything to make your fence installation a success. Choose from:

1) Fence post brackets – including L clips, U brackets, and Euro U brackets

2) Fence post caps and finials – various sizes to choose from, to perfectly match your fence post

3) Fence post spikes – a range of post support spikes from 45-60mm to 85-105mm

4) Fence post supports – a selection of supports, which are essential for your fence

5) Fence post fixings – choose various fixings for your fencing project

6) Fence post bases – options for bases for your fence

7) Fence post drivers – buy our drivers to easily drive a fence post into the ground

Ordering from Buy Fencing Direct

We know you are keen on completing your project smoothly. That is why we offer easy-to-follow tutorials and customer support to help you with any questions about installation or product choices.

If you are not just looking for a fence post but need a complete overhaul of your garden, we have a whole range of garden structures and furniture available to complete the look. From garden sheds to garden furniture, we are your one-stop shop for outdoor living improvements. You can trust our high-quality products to be a long-lasting investment in your outdoor space. So why wait? Explore our range today and start building your dream garden.

Contact information

For detailed discussions about our range of fence posts for sale, including aspects like durability, pricing, colour options (e.g., white fence posts), and technical information, do not hesitate to contact Buy Fencing Direct. Available contact methods include:

  • Phone – call us at 0333 003 0515
  • Emails – use the structured email form, located on our contact page
  • Live chat – this is accessible by clicking the pop up at the bottom left corner of any page. Receive real-time support when you choose this text chat service