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Our huge selection of garden trellises for sale includes trellis fences and panels that come in a wide range of sizes and styles. You’ll find something to suit every garden design. Whether you choose to use your trellis panel to make a garden boundary or to create an eye-catching fixture on an unremarkable wall, we have the product for you.


Our fencing buying guide is a must-read for extra tips. Order our garden trellis we will deliver them from just three days to most UK postcodes. This does not apply to orders under £100 for fencing or decking.

Diamond Trellis

Diamond trellis is a popular way to add style and structure to your garden, whether to support plants, create a screen to hide compost heaps, add height to a fence or create a garden boundary.



From £22.99

Planter Trellis

Planter trellis is ideal for placing behind a planter, either attached to the planter itself, secured to a wall or placed in the ground. This will provide support so your climbing plants can grow out of the planter and create an attractive display.


From £14.99

Wall Trellis

Wall trellis is ideal for securing to a wall so your climbing plants can be supported as they cover what would have once been a dull area of brick. You could also use the wall trellis behind planters.



From £14.99

Arched Trellis

For a softer line to your garden boundary, opt for one of our arched trellis panels or fence toppers. They will create an attractive divider for areas of your garden without obstructing your view.




From £74.99

Wooden Trellis

We have an extensive range of wooden trellis, from fan trellis and fence toppers to large trellis panels in a variety of sizes and styles. With either a 10 or 15-year guarantee, our wooden trellis will be an attractive and practical feature of your garden for years to come.


From £14.99

Trellis Fence Topper

If you want to add height to your fence without reducing light, a trellis fence topper is an excellent method. It will then also provide support for climbing plants - an attractive way to add further privacy.




From £22.99

Decorative Trellis

Decorative Trellis is more than just a support for your climbing plants or a way to divide your outdoor space; it is a decorative feature for your garden.





From £19.99

Contemporary Trellis

Contemporary trellis offers a stylish twist on the traditional trellis panel. Ideal for those who like a more striking border or support for their plants, our modern trellis panels come with either a 10 or 15-year guarantee for assured quality.


From £23.99

Lattice Trellis

Using lattice trellis is a popular way to add style and structure to the garden, create a screen to hide compost heaps and add height to a fence or create a garden boundary.




From £14.99

Rose Trellis

Roses can become heavy once fully grown so need a thick, strong trellis as their host. Larger gaps allow the roses to be trained around the trellis.



From £14.99

Fan Trellis

Fan trellis is a simple yet attractive way to display your climbing plants. The fan trellis is usually attached to a wall or fence as a support for plants.



From £19.99

Square Trellis

Though a square trellis is considered a 'standard trellis', its straight, clean lines create a modern aesthetic for your garden. Our square trellis panels are ideal for dividing your garden.


From £14.99

Ivy Trellis

Ivy can become heavy once fully grown so requires a thick, strong trellis. Consider the leaf size of your ivy though it will usually meander through smaller or larger gapped trellis and its suckers will happily attach wherever it grows.


From £14.99

Reasons to install garden trellises

Why is the wooden garden trellis fence the unsung hero of British gardening? Whether you are looking to spruce up your space or craving a bit more privacy, these trellises are a great decorative feature in any garden, for these reasons:

  • DIY dream - trellis fences are easy to install, especially if you are experienced at DIY. It is a fun weekend project that totally transforms your garden
  • Durability and strength - despite their elegant look, these wooden trellises are super sturdy. They are the silent strong type, standing guard over your garden year-round
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable - made from wood, garden trellises are great for the environment. Harvested from PEFC or FSC-certified sustainable sources, you get to green up your space in more ways than one
  • Garden’s focal point – do you fancy making your garden the talk of the town? A trellis fence is a focal point, drawing all eyes to your beautifully curated garden
  • Plant lover’s paradise - if you love the green life, these panels are perfect for letting your climbing plants go wild. It is like giving your plants their own personal climbing frame
  • Privacy haven - installing a trellis fence is like hitting the privacy jackpot. They are perfect for creating your own little secluded spot without feeling boxed in
  • Space saver – do you have a small garden? If so, do not be concerned. Trellis panels help to maximise your space by letting you grow plants using vertical gardening techniques
  • Style statement - wooden trellis fences are not just fences; they are like style statements for your garden. They add a touch of elegance and transform the look of your outdoor space

So, whether you are a plant enthusiast, a privacy seeker, or just want to give your garden a makeover, a wooden trellis fence is the way to go.

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