6ft Fence Panels (1.83m)

As out tallest panels, our 6x6 fence panels provide increased secuirty and privacy for your garden and property. Whether you prefer traditional fence panels or more modern, decorative designs, we're sure we have the 6ft fence panel for you - we even have a special noise-reduction panel!

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Refine search Comparisons (3)

Our Fence Panels Explained...

  • Dip Treatment
  • Pressure Treatment
  • 6ft Fence Panels

Dip treated fence panels come with a 10 year anti-rot guarantee provided that you retreat the panels annually.

• Purchasing gravel boards is a great way to isolate your garden fencing from ground contact and minimises the chances of premature rot and decay.

Pressure treated fence panels offer a low maintenance fence panel which looks fantastic.

• The treatment has been forced into the timber at high pressure giving a longer expected service life and removing the need for annual retreatment.

• 15 year anti-rot guarantee. 

6ft tall panels give added security and privacy, impeding the view into your garden.

• Your panels will act to discourage potential burglars and intruders.

• The chances of pets escaping from your garden are dramatically reduced with 6ft fence panels providing a large obstacle.

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