Gazebo Buying Guide


Whether for a private garden or for a business such as a pub or hotel, a gazebo is an attractive, practical garden structure ideal for sheltered seating, outdoor dining and luxurious relaxation.

Our Gazebo Buying Guide explains the different types of gazebo on offer and will help you select the best garden gazebo for you.

How much space do you have?


Your garden only has a certain amount of room. You want a gazebo that will improve your space, not take over. Don’t take any chances by estimating your available garden space. Measure it out carefully with twine and stakes.

Remember to leave 1-2ft of space around the gazebo to allow for maintenance and cutting back of any neighbouring plants, shrubs and trees.

How many people do you want to seat?


One of our smaller gazebos may be all you need if the space is just for your household. If you are the party host with the most, then a large gazebo will offer more comfortable space for entertaining. We even have gazebos that will seat nearly 30 people, ideal for businesses such as hotels and pubs.


Where is the best space?


Be aware of what level of sun the spot you choose for your gazebo will enjoy throughout the day. Do you want to bask in the sun or have a shady spot in which to relax?

What will your view of the garden be from the gazebo? Also, think about how a gazebo will affect views of your garden from your house.


Top Tip: Check the precise measurements in the specification


Because measurements can be rounded up for ease of product naming and because gazebos are often unusual shapes, always check the specification guide on each product page for precise, detailed measurements.

Look out for overhanging roofs and other features that may make measurements more complicated. Our friendly UK-based call centre will be happy to answer any queries you may have.



Gazebo Decision 2: Material


Wooden Gazebos

As a natural material, timber blends in perfectly with the rest of your garden. You will have a choice of pressure treated or dip treated models.

Dip-treated gazebos can be recognised by their orange/amber colour finish. The wood is dipped in the preservative, providing it with a surface covering. The timber will require annual reapplications of preservative to maintain protection.

The majority of dip-treated gazebos offer a 10-year guarantee if supported by annual retreatment.

Pressure-treated gazebos have the preservative forced deep into the wood. They can be recognised by their lighter colour. Any green-blue patches are just preservative residue and will fade with time.

In effect, the preservative becomes an integral part of the timber giving it a long life and effective protection against rot. Anti-rot guarantees with pressure treated gazebos can be as long as 15 years, and not all require annual retreatment.


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Polycarbonate Gazebos

Polycarbonate gazebos are a popular alternative to wooden ones, being particularly suited to contemporary-styled gardens.

Usually supported by aluminium frames, and sometimes with acrylic side panels, polycarbonate gazebos are UV protected and near maintenance free, so will maintain their attractive appearance for many years to come with minimal effort required on your behalf.

Although precise light transmission rates vary between different types of polycarbonate gazebo, they all block harmful UV rays. This is good for you and for any furniture within the gazebo.

Polycarbonate gazebos come with guarantees of varying length, ranging from 1 to 10 years.


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Metal-framed Fabric Gazebos

Gazebos made from a combination of a fabric roof and a metal frame offer you a wonderful garden shelter without the luxury price tag.

PVC is probably the toughest of the roof fabrics, with the added benefit of being both waterproof and fire retardant. Polyester is a cheaper alternative but is reasonably hardwearing too.

Fabric gazebos are cheaper than wooden or polycarbonate alternatives, and usually have an open-sided design. As they should only be left out in the garden during the summer months, make sure that you have suitable garden storage space available for when they’re not in use.

Top Tip: With a fabric and metal combination, look out for a heavy-duty steel or aluminium frame as both of these metals provide excellent support for the gazebo canopy.


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Gazebo Decision 3: Sides


Fully enclosed gazebos

Fully enclosed gazebos are usually polycarbonate. Akin to a free-standing conservatory, these are ideal for use as extra living space. They are designed to be left in place all year, though do check manufacturer recommendations.



Fully open gazebos

These gazebos are essentially a roof with supporting posts. Add your own seating, outdoor dining set or loungers underneath for a stylish, well-defined, semi-sheltered area of the garden.

Fully open gazebos can be wood, polycarbonate, or metal with a fabric top. The latter often includes curtains for adaptable shade, privacy and shelter.



Partially sided gazebos

Partially sided gazebos may have 2 or 3 solid sides, with the others featuring trellis, low railings or being completely open. These models are ideal for gazebo bench seating around the sides or for adding your own garden furniture.



Top Tip: If you are a keen gardener, why not choose a gazebo with trellis sides?

Adorn the trellis with climbing plants and you have a completely unique garden feature. Imagine gazebo seating surrounded by a fragrant plant, like jasmine. Pure bliss.



Gazebo Decision 4: Shape


 Rectangular or Square Gazebos

A square or rectangular garden gazebo suits modern gardens. It is easy to position in any area of the garden.


Hexagonal and Octagonal Gazebos

Many of our wooden gazebos feature six or eight-sided designs. This makes for an attractive traditional appearance and very efficient sheltered seating areas.



Gazebo Decision 5: Roof Material (Forest Garden brand only)


Forest Garden’s range of luxury wooden gazebos are very popular with homeowners and businesses alike. All of their luxury models come with a choice of roof covering, as well as a Tricoya® lining for complete weatherproof protection.


Forest Traditional Timber Roof

With its pyramid-shaped design and 28mm premium tongue and groove build, this option makes for a handsome, traditional appearance to complement any outdoor area.


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Forest Country Thatch Roof

The unique charm of the country thatch roof gives these gazebos a beautiful rustic appeal for traditional and cottage gardens.


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Forest New England Cedar Roof

Equally impressive, the cedar roof option is crafted from a reddish timber, with the attractive appearance of shingles.


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Gazebo Decision 6: Accessories


There are plenty of accessories you can buy to customise your new gazebo. Some are standalone products while others are specifically tailored to your chosen gazebo.


Fully Furnished Gazebos (Forest Garden brand only)

Forest Garden’s range of luxury wooden gazebos are available for you to buy fully furnished. They include curtains, a table, seating and matching cushions – in short, everything you’ll require to enjoy the perfect sheltered outdoor seating area.



Other Gazebo Tables and Seating

If you’re buying an unfurnished or open sided gazebo, we stock a wide range of garden tables and chairs, from full outdoor dining sets to comfy reclining garden chairs, suitable for use with your new gazebo.


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Gazebo Lighting

Why not fit your new gazebo with outdoor lighting so your garden parties can continue after the sun’s gone down? With garden solar lights, there’s no need for you to connect them to the mains – simply plug, play and light up your gazebo.


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Gazebo Bases


Some aluminium and fabric gazebos, designed as temporary structures for seasonal use, may not require a base. They will be secured with an anchor kit. Do check manufacturer recommendations.

All other gazebos need to be installed on a reliable, level surface. If not, the gazebo will shift and the integrity of the structure will be undermined.

Even if your new gazebo comes with a wooden floor, it should be assembled on a firm, level base. When using an existing base, for example a patio, deck boards or other hard surface, ensure it is level and reliable before installing the gazebo.

Gazebos can be placed on level surfaces that are the shape of the gazebo or that are a round, square or rectangular shape large enough to support the whole structure.

Before building a base, prepare the area so it is level and free from debris such as stones, tree roots and other disruptive materials.

Please note that base installation is not included with gazebo installation service.


What type of base should I use?




Concrete is the best material for creating a gazebo base though it can be the most expensive.

Concrete slabs are the next best alternative. The slabs should be laid in such a way to form a continuous base with no large gaps between each slab.

Both of these options should ideally sit on a good dressing of sharp sand and hardcore to allow for adequate drainage of rainwater.




In the case of a gazebo that already has flooring, a wooden base might simply consist of pressure-treated floor bearers or it may be a whole deck.

For open-sided gazebos with just a roof and supporting columns, the wooden base acts as a floor.


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Gazebos with Anchor Kits


Many of our gazebos come with their own anchor kits, allowing you to secure the supporting columns to your chosen base. Check the gazebo’s detailed specification to see where this applies.


Delivery of the Gazebo



How soon will delivery be available?

Each gazebo’s product page shows the delivery lead time for that specific gazebo. The lead time, such as 3-4 weeks, will tell you when the product will be available for dispatch. Within that lead time, you will be contacted by the manufacturer who will arrange a delivery date with you.


If you make any changes to your order once paid for, this can change your delivery date too. Therefore, please check you have ordered everything you need first time round.


What are the delivery charges?

All of our gazebos include free delivery. However, some remote postcodes do incur delivery surcharges even where free delivery is available to others. Use the postcode checker to ensure we deliver to your area and to identify any possible surcharges.


Gazebo Installation



Some of our gazebo manufacturers offer a professional installation service. Where this is the case, details are provided on the relevant gazebo’s product page of our website. If taking advantage of the installation service, always ensure that you have prepared a suitable gazebo base in advance of the installers’ visit.


All of our manufacturers provide straightforward instructions and comprehensive customer support to help you assemble your new gazebo with minimal fuss.

 Our Customer Service Team

If you have any other questions or require clarification of the information above, please call our friendly, knowledgeable, UK-based Customer Service Team. We are always happy to help.


So, have you measured your space yet? Yes? Right, you are ready to shop for your new garden gazebo! Exciting times ahead…