Palmako Buying Guide


Palmako is a company synonymous with high-quality, wooden garden buildings and other timber products. As part of Estonia’s Lemeks Group, it has branches throughout Europe, including the UK, and boasts over 23 years’ experience manufacturing log cabins.


Every Palmako product is designed with an emphasis on meeting the latest consumer requirements and constructed using the very best raw materials, in high-tech productions plants, by exceptionally skilled craftsmen.


As a company holding FSC®-certification and having a genuine commitment to environmental sustainability, it’s no surprise that Palmako is a go-to brand for forward-thinking, discerning customers who value their outdoor space.


While best known for its log cabins, Palmako also manufactures a wide range of other premium garden products, including summer houses, sheds, wooden garages, carports, garden offices, garden bars, gazebos and more.


Here, we explain what you can expect from their different offerings.


Firstly, we’ll examine the main types of enclosed Palmako garden buildings, including log cabins, summerhouses, sheds and garages.


We’ll then take a look at some of their other products, namely carports, gazebos and pergolas.


Palmako Garden Buildings


Palmako garden buildings are designed as comfortable places to spend time in the garden and to provide highly-effective weatherproof storage.

Cladding Thickness

Having its roots in Estonia, Palmako understandably makes some of the strongest, best insulated garden buildings on the market. The key to good insulation is wall cladding thickness, which is a measurement we give you in millimetres. With log cabins, it is shown in brackets at the end of the product name. You can find the wall cladding thickness for other garden buildings in the detailed specification on the relevant product page.


For comfortable year-round usage of a log cabin, summerhouse or garden office, choose one with a minimum wall cladding of 44mm.


For other garden buildings, the general rule of thumb is the thicker the walls, the better the insulation and protection provided.


Palmako makes its garden buildings from the finest interlocking Nordic spruce logs, with cladding up to 88mm thick. The sheds’ walls usually boast a tongue and groove design too, renowned for its robustness, durability and weather resistance.

Palmako Star Buy 1

Boasting a contemporary design, thick tongue and groove walls, and extensive glazing, this log cabin makes the perfect garden office or outdoor retreat.


The generous roof overhang eliminates sun glare, while the high number of impressive features ensure this log cabin is a beautiful garden room in which to work, rest or play.


Find out more about the Palmako Caroline 4.3m x 5.4m Pent Log Cabin (44mm) here.

Floor and Roof

With the obvious exception of garages, which are designed without a floor, Palmako garden buildings’ floors and roofs are always built using tongue and groove, making them far superior to standard garden buildings.


Just like the walls, the thicker they are, the stronger and better insulated you will find them.


One important thing to bear in mind about most Palmako garden buildings’ roofs is that you will need to select a covering.


Although this isn’t included in the basic price, don’t worry about any complex calculations or hidden costs because the product page on our website will do the work for you once you’ve made your selection.


Dependent on the model of garden building, you will be given up to four choices of roof covering. These are:



Roof Underlay Felt

This is simple to nail on to the garden building but only designed as a temporary solution until you have added one of the following permanent weatherproof roof cover upgrades.




Long-lasting EPDM is a robust, reliable, watertight rubber cover. Unless you possess advanced DIY skills, we recommend using a professional to instal it onto your garden building.




SBS is a thick, torch-on felt with an exceptionally long lifespan and outstanding weatherproof qualities. Again, unless you possess advanced DIY skills, we recommend hiring a professional to instal it.


Charcoal Felt Roof Shingles

Heavy-duty Charcoal Felt Roof Shingles are a permanent weatherproof roof covering, which is attractive, easy to install and extremely durable.


Which Roof Covering Should I Choose?

While roof felt underlay should only be regarded as a temporary solution, we have no hesitation in recommending any of the other three covers for long-lasting weatherproof protection. However, if you are installing it yourself, you will probably find charcoal felt shingles the easiest option.

Palmako Star Buy 2

Completely constructed from prime 16mm tongue and groove, this wooden shed offers you outstanding garden storage.


The two additional side storage areas, one open and the other enclosed, are ideal for housing a log store and for use as a bike shed, making this wooden shed a complete, all-in-one garden storage solution.


Find out more about the 13 x 10 Palmako Marcus Heavy Duty Wooden Apex Shed (3.8m x 2.9m) here.

Glazing on Palmako Garden Buildings

Palmako log cabins and summerhouses tend to be fitted with either toughened safety glass or double glazing. Both make excellent choices but our preference is for the latter if you are choosing a garden building with thicker walls. This is when double glazing really comes into its own and is worth the extra cost.


Windows on Palmako sheds are usually made from plexiglass, which is renowned for being both tougher and more transparent than the conventional glass found on many other sheds.

Key Features and Guarantees

When you buy a Palmako garden building, you’re not just getting an expertly-built, well-insulated shell of a garden building, you’re getting one that is ready to move into and premium throughout.


Available in a wide range of eye-catching contemporary designs, Palmako garden buildings include features such as key-operated locks, laminated door frames, stainless steel sill covers and rubber window seals as standard.


What’s more, you will always receive a 5-year parts guarantee, giving you peace of mind that in the highly-unlikely event that anything goes wrong, the fault will be rectified free of charge.

Palmako Star Buy 3

This wooden garage is not only built from the finest Nordic spruce, its chalet-cut cladding ensures even greater protection from the elements!


Wide double doors provide easy access for a car or heavy machinery, while the separate side door takes you directly to a handy rear-storage area.


Find out more about the Palmako Roger 3.6m x 5.5m Log Cabin Single Garage (44mm) with Double Doors here.


Palmako Garden Structures: Carports


Palmako’s garden bars and kiosks are designed using the same intelligent principles as their other garden buildings, so let’s take a look at some open-sided garden structures.


Available in a range of contemporary designs, all Palmako carports are built to the highest standards and provide a genuine alternative to a wooden garage.


Made using the same premium Nordic spruce as Palmako garden buildings, these wooden carports offer your car supreme weatherproof protection. They all feature tongue and groove roofs too, although please be advised that you will still need to purchase the covering as an optional upgrade.


In terms of other key features, expect robust, laminated support posts and Palmako’s reassuring 5-year parts guarantee as standard.


Shop Palmako Carports

Palmako Star Buy 4

This Palmako carport makes a great-value alterative to a wooden garage, and comes in four different sizes to cater for most family’s car-parking requirements.


Boasting all the hallmarks of a premium Palmako product, the carport’s minimalist design means that whether you’re setting off on a journey or returning home, it’s always a simple, hassle-free experience.


Find out more about the 12 x 17 Palmako Karl Wooden Carport (3.6m x 5.1m) here.


Palmako Garden Structures: Gazebos and Pergolas


Coming in a number of attractive styles, Palmako gazebos and pergolas are also built from premium Nordic spruce and feature a tongue and groove roof, laminated support posts and a 5-year parts guarantee.


Should you require a gazebo with a floor, please be sure to check the detailed product specification to see whether it comes as standard or needs purchasing as an optional extra. Either way, it will be made from the same high-quality tongue and groove as other Palmako products.


The requirement to select a roof covering also apples to Palmako gazebos.


Shop Palmako Gazebos and shop Palmako Garden Pergolas

Palmako Star Buy 5

Imagine being able to relax on the recliner, on a British summer’s day, without having to worry about whether it will rain.


Well, with its 19mm Nordic spruce tongue and groove roof, supported by strapping laminated poles, this garden pergola will keep you completely sheltered all day long, and can be left outside the whole year round.


Find out more about the 3.5 x 3.5m Palmako Lucy Luxury Garden Shelter – Pergola (11 x 11) here.


Palmako Products for Sale


Here at Buy Fencing Direct, we stock a superb range of Palmako garden buildings and products for sale. Simply head to our website homepage, choose your desired product type, and check Palmako’s box in the brand category section.


Whatever type of garden building or product you choose, you’ll never regret buying Palmako.


Note to Customers on Wood Treatment

Please be advised that all Palmako garden buildings and other wood products are supplied untreated.


This means that you will need to coat them in a high-quality wood preservative upon assembly and annually thereafter.


As an alternative to treatment, and for a more individual look, you can paint any Palmako wooden product.


Our Customer Service Team

If you have any other questions or require any clarification on any of the information above, please call our friendly, knowledgeable, UK-based Customer Service Team. We are always happy to help.