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Generally recognised as Europe’s leading manufacturer of metal sheds and prefab metal garages, UK-based Yardmaster was founded in 1984. The company still manufactures all of its products here, in the UK.

Supplier to both commercial and domestic markets, Yardmaster’s philosophy is to combine quality with value for money. Since its formation, it has consistently achieved this, often exceeding customers’ expectations by using the very best metals, exceptional engineering skills and meticulous attention to detail. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Yardmaster is ISO 9001 accredited and highly respected throughout the industry.


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When you purchase a Yardmaster metal shed or prefab metal garage, you can rest assured that you’re getting a premium-quality product, which is impervious to rust, completely maintenance free and backed by a long guarantee.

There are plenty of colours and designs to choose from, all of which live up to Yardmaster’s excellent reputation.

Firstly, let’s examine what makes their sheds so special; then we’ll take a look at their garages.


Yardmaster Metal Sheds


Yardmaster produces a number of impressive shed lines, including (but not limited to) the Balmoral, Castleton and Woodview Shiplap.


Metal Shed Cladding


Expertly built from hot-dipped galvanised steel, with 7 unique layers of protection, all of Yardmaster’s sheds are robust, durable and completely weathertight. Blister, crack and insect-proof too, there’s no need to paint or treat a Yardmaster shed because the 7 layers of protection ensure corrosion is never an issue.


In fact, with nothing more than a wipe down with a damp cloth, you can keep your Yardmaster shed looking as good as new for years to come. Many of the lines come with a baked-on painted finish, in a range of attractive colours, so there’s sure to be a Yardmaster shed to suit even the most discerning of tastes.

Regarding cladding, the main other thing to note is that the Balmoral, Glencoe, Shiplap and Woodview Shiplap models are all designed with a wood-effect finish, while the other lines all have smoother cladding.


This difference is only aesthetic; the premium build quality is the same across the whole Yardmaster shed range.

Yardmaster Star Buy 1

Combining the strength and maintenance-free qualities of a premium metal shed with the aesthetic appeal of wood, this Yardmaster shed is constructed from hot-dipped galvanised steel and features Yardmaster’s unique 7 layers of protection.


Sliding double doors offer you very easy access to your stored items, while the padlock fixing and anti-tamper bolts keep everything safe from unwanted attention.


Discover more about the 6 x 4 Yardmaster Woodview Metal Shed (1.86m x 1.25m) here.


Yardmaster Shed: Floor and Roof


Yardmaster metal sheds always come with an anchor kit so you can secure them to the ground. However, they are all designed without flooring.


Should this represent a problem for you, Yardmaster sells premium metal floor-support kits as an optional upgrade. This allows you to add your own wooden floor to the shed.


The roofs are made using the same hot-dip galvanised steel as the cladding. Therefore, unlike with wooden sheds, there’s no need for you to worry about buying or replacing roof felt because the metal itself provides your stored items with complete, permanent weatherproof protection.


As you’d expect from a leading shed manufacturer, Yardmaster produces models with traditional apex roofs and modern pent designs – choose according to your taste and required roof height; all are equally effective at keeping the interior dry.


Yardmaster Star Buy 2

Coming in the nation’s most-popular shed size, this 8x6 shed is the perfect place to store your tools, bicycles and garden furniture.


With its superior hot-dipped galvanised-steel build, this metal shed will last a lifetime, while the overlapping, sliding double doors can accommodate a padlock and are fitted with anti-tamper bolts to keep valuables secure.


Discover more about the 8 x 6 Yardmaster Silver Metal Shed 68ZGEY (2.02m x 2.37m) here.


Yardmaster Shed Doors and Windows


Most Yardmaster sheds are designed with sliding, overlapping double doors. This means that you don’t need to account for door opening measurements when installing your new shed, so can position it in a relatively confined space.


Being Yardmaster, the sliding-door opening mechanism boasts incredibly smooth traction – just another little feature that goes to make these sheds so special.


The doors provide first-rate security too, with a hot-dipped galvanised steel construction, padlock fixing and anti-tamper bolts all supplied as standard. So, when you purchase a Yardmaster shed, you can rest assured that your valuable tools will always be safe from unwanted attention.


(The only little thing to bear in mind is that you’ll need to buy your own padlock.)


In keeping with their security-conscious designs, all Yardmaster sheds are designed without windows.

Yardmaster Star Buy 3

Part of Yardmaster’s popular Castleton range, this large metal shed offers ample room for you to store all of your tools and outdoor equipment.


The usual premium features – hot-dipped galvanised-steel construction, 7 protective layers, sliding double doors and 15-year anti-rust guarantee – are all included, while the shed’s maintenance-free design will save you both time and money.


Discover more about the 10 x 13 Yardmaster Castleton Anthracite Metal Shed (3m x 3.9m) here.


Long Guarantees


Considering the quality of Yardmaster’s sheds, you won’t be surprised to learn that they all come with either a 10 or 15-year anti-rust guarantee, so you can buy any Yardmaster shed with complete confidence that it will remain a highly-valued fixture in your garden for many years to come.

Yardmaster Star Buy 4

If you’re after a small shed, capable of accommodating your long-handled tools, this garden store is the answer. Its slimline design and lean-to pent roof allow you to position it against a wall or fence, leaving the rest of your garden free for other things.


This premium tool shed comes with a single, hinged door, rather than Yardmaster’s usual sliding double doors, but here the difference ends. Featuring a hot-dipped galvanised-steel build, padlock fixing and anti-tamper bolts, it still boasts the usual superb levels of security.


Discover more about the 5 x 4 Yardmaster Pent Metal Shed 54PEZ (1.58m x 1.20m) here.


Other Key Features


Yardmaster sheds don’t need gimmickry because they’re brimming with highly-practical features.


Most models include ventilated gables, to reduce condensation and optimise garden storage conditions.


Many of them are taller than the average shed, offering you plenty of headroom and increased garden storage options.

Rust-resistant screws are another great feature, as they maintain their effectiveness and keep your shed looking pristine.


Oh, and when it comes to assembly, clearly-numbered parts, comprehensive instructions and UK-based telephone support will all help you achieve a far easier installation than with other metal sheds.


Take a look at the Yardmaster Video Guides below:


Yardmaster Star Buy 5

A baked-on green finish with contrasting silver-coloured apex roof and doors combine to make this an exceptionally attractive 10x10 shed.


Not just a pretty face, this metal shed’s hot-dipped galvanised-steel build, 7 layers of protection and impressive 15-year anti-rust guarantee ensure that it offers robust, durable and weatherproof outdoor storage.


Discover more about the 10 x 10 Yardmaster Green Metal Shed 1010GEYZ (3.03m x 2.98m) here.


Yardmaster Prefab Metal Garages


A Yardmaster prefab garage is built from zinc-plated steel and includes the company’s famed 7 layers of protection. This makes them as tough as metal garages come, so it’s no surprise to learn that they’re also backed by a 15-year anti-rust guarantee.


Translucent roof panels and pad-lockable, hinged double doors are their other most notable features.

Yardmaster Star Buy 6

Whether you require secure car parking, a premium garden workshop or unbeatable outside storage, this Yardmaster metal garage is the perfect solution.


Built from zinc-plated steel and supplied with an impressive 15-year anti-rust guarantee, its translucent roof panels allow natural light to flood into the garage, while ventilation along the ridge and eaves reduces condensation and helps optimise garden storage conditions.


Discover more about the 10 x 17 Yardmaster 1017 Metal Garage (2.97m x 5.22m) here.


Yardmaster Metal Sheds and Garages for Sale


We are proud to supply some fabulous Yardmaster metal sheds and garages for sale. Simply head to the metal shed page of our website and check Yardmaster’s box in the brand category section to find the sheds and garages that meet your own particular requirements.


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