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As one of the UK's leading online fencing suppliers, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of wooden fence panels for sale at very low prices; we're confident you'll find the perfect panels for your garden project within our range. We have both large and small wood fence panels to choose from, in a whole host of different styles. All of our wooden fencing panels have been treated, possessing a minimum of 10 year anti-rot guarantees. Our pressure treated fence panels boast substantial 15 year anti-rot guarantees and require no further annual treatment.


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Introducing our wood fence panels

Bringing style, privacy, and durability in one package our wood fence panels are a popular addition in many UK gardens. Whether you require a classic décor or want a more modern or contemporary feel, we have options to match your precise requirements.

Garden fencing cannot be just about the aesthetics though. Our wood fencing panels from Forest Garden, are built to last from FSC or PEFC certified timber, and will endure irrespective of the weather, come rain or shine. With pressure treated and dip treated options available, your fencing wood purchase from us is guaranteed for years to come.

A little TLC and maintenance are needed occasionally to keep your garden fence panels looking as fresh as a daisy. They are easy to install, even for DIY beginners. We have a range of sizes, from 6'x3' to 6'x6', covering all the popular UK sizes. So, if you are ready to enhance your garden fencing, check out our wood fencing panels at Buy Fencing Direct. Also, do not forget about gravel boards, which will protect your fencing for the long-term.

Cladding options for wood fencing panels

Are you looking to buy wood garden fencing panels with a fresh look? We have a wide range of natural timber cladding options that will take your garden to the next level of style and functionality.

Here are just a few natural timber garden fence panels to consider:


If you want to buy a classic and robust design, closeboard cladding is a perfect option. Its overlapping vertical boards provide both excellent privacy and security.

Hit and miss

Achieve a perfect balance between privacy and an open feel with our hit and miss cladding. Featuring alternating horizontal boards, hit and miss panels allow air and light to pass through but also provide a degree of seclusion.


Are you looking to buy a budget-friendly fencing option? Overlap cladding is easy to install and is also cost-effective. It is an ideal choice for those who want to buy top-quality affordable fencing.


For a sleek and modern aesthetic design, consider slatted cladding. These panels bring a contemporary feel to your outdoor space, creating a stylish as well as visually appealing fence. Double-slatted panels are also available.

Tongue and groove

If you prefer a seamless and durable fencing wood option, tongue and groove cladding is an ideal candidate. Adding a touch of elegance to your garden, this long-lasting and attractive fence panel will endure for many years.

Sizes of wooden fence panels available

Read about our size options for wooden fence panels, which are detailed below:

  • 6'x3' – this fence panel size perfectly defines lower boundaries. It creates a sense of openness in garden areas. Choose 6’x3’ to strike a balance between structure and spaciousness
  • 6'x4' – a versatile mid-range choice. The 6'x4' panel offers increased privacy (from 6’x3’) while also maintaining an open feel. It is a suitable choice for most UK garden sizes and provides a perfect blend of privacy and space
  • 6'x5' - for added height and security without making your garden feel entirely closed, the 6'x5' panel is an excellent choice. Offering increased privacy, this natural timber panel fits comfortably in many gardens
  • 6'x6' - for maximum privacy and security choose the heavyweight 6'x6' fence panel. This is perfect for larger gardens or for those who want an imposing presence in their outdoor space

Contemporary and traditional styles of wooden fences

When choosing wooden fences, there are two main décor schemes to choose from – 1) contemporary and 2) traditional. For each of these, there are sub-classifications, giving you even wider options.

On the contemporary designs side, you have options including decorative fence panels that add a touch of elegance. Hit & miss fence panels provide a perfect blend of both privacy and openness. Lattice fence panels are decorative panels that bring a touch of charm and are great for climbing plants. Slatted panels provide an appealing modern look. Tongue and groove fence panels offer an unrivalled seamless finish.

If you are more of a traditionalist, we have great options too. Traditional fencing wood styles include closeboard panels for durability, and overlap fence panels for a rustic appeal, and, of course, picket fencing for its timeless charm.


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